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Birth of a new hero

Updated: 6 days ago

Game 28, Serie A

Sunday, May 26, 1940

Stadio PNF, Rome

Lazio Roma 1-0

Flamini scores early on and Giovannini saves a penalty on his debut. Fantastic win.

Source Lazio Wiki

Lazio had done pretty well in the first half of the season and were fourth, just two points off leaders Bologna. In the second part they could not keep up with Ambrosiana and Bologna and were currently fifth in the company of Torino, two points away from third place.

The match

Everybody thought Roma would win easily. Lazio were forced to play with four reserves. Since Giacomo Blason, Vincenzo Provera and Corrado Giubilio, the three main goalkeepers, were injured, manager Geza Kertesz was forced to put very young Corrado Giovannini in goal. He was joined by Alessandro Ferri, Renato Ferrarese and Elvezio D’Orazi.

But the Biancocelesti scored early. D’Orazi managed to avoid the ball going out and passed to Ferri who crossed in the box. Evaristo Barrera headed towards the left and in came Enrique Flamini who with a powerful volley placed the ball in the top right-hand corner of the Roma goal.

The Giallorossi attacked and in the 36th minute Aristide Coscia, all alone in front of the goalkeeper, sent the ball out. In the 45th minute a prolonged Coscia-Michelangelo Pantò-Amedeo Amadei-Francisco Provvidente play sent the ball onto the crossbar.

In the second half, Lazio set up a wall in front of the young goalkeeper who made his first save in the 50th minute when he parried a Pietro Serantoni shot. D’Orazi and Barrera missed easy chances to score the Biancocelesti’s second, before the game degenerated with continuous fouls by both sides. In the 67th minute a Provvidente header was parried and immediately after a Barrera powerful shot went wide. In the 73rd minute Ferri touched the ball with his hand in the box. Penalty for Roma. The players decided to settle things once and for all with their fists and D’Orazi and Giuseppe Bonomi were sent off.

It took three minutes to take the spot kick. Pantò took it and Giovannini saved, becoming the hero of the day.

Roma then attacked even more, but the Lazio defence controlled well and brought home the impressive victory.

Who played for Lazio

Manager: Kertesz

Who played for Roma

Masetti, Acerbi, Gadaldi, Serantoni, Donati, Bonomi, Amadei, Pantò, Provvidente, Coscia, Alghisi

Manager: Schaffer


Referee: Soliani


Goal: 12’ Flamini



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