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In the name of Piola

Updated: 5 days ago

Game 23, Serie A

Sunday, March 16, 1941

Stadio PNF, Rome

Lazio Roma 2-0

Piola scored a brace and gave Lazio a much-needed derby win

Source Lazio Wiki

The beginning of the season had not been a good one and after 6 games they were second from last. In the next 11 matches Lazio earned just 8 points and were still in 15th place. In the next five the Biancocelesti won two and drew three and were now third from last which would mean survival since only two teams were relegated.

But today there was a big match: the derby

The match

Compared to a couple of months ago, this was a completely different Lazio. With Italo Romagnoli at midfield, Renato Ferrarese as right back and the better physical conditions of Alfredo Monza, Uber Gradella and Luigi Vettraino, the team had played magnificently since being taken over by Dino Canestri. Could they continue the good work today?

The match went immediately uphill as Silvio Piola in the 18th minute in a head-to-head with Mario Acerbi suffered a deep cut (four centimetres) and had to leave the pitch. He came back on in the 29th minute. The Giallorossi should have taken advantage of the situation but did not. In the 22nd minute Michelangelo Pantò tried a shot but Gradella saved marvellously. It was the most spectacular save of the entire game.

Lazio controlled the match but were not dangerous in attack. In those 11 minutes Roma passed the ball among themselves, tried a few crosses, but nothing more. With Piola back on, heavily bandaged, the Biancocelesti became more dangerous even if it was Roma who had the first chance. In the 40th minute, long ball from Ermes Borsetti to Amadeo Amadei, good shot, Gradella parried. A minute later Piola missed a chance but not in the 43rd. Otello Zironi crossed into the box and Piola, despite his new headwear, headed the ball in. Lazio 1 Roma 0.

In the beginning of the second half Guido Masetti was forced to save three Lazio shots from Flamini, Vettraino and Zironi. Roma tried an offensive but just hit the Biancoceleste defensive wall. In the 66th Piola had the chance to double the score but his shot was deflected into corner by Acerbi. In the 75th minute Piola dribbled past a couple of Roma defenders and offered a simple chance to Vettraino but his shot was weak and Masetti saved. Five minutes later, on a high cross, Ferrarese cleared with a bicycle kick. Vettraino raced forward, reached the ball and ran towards the Roma goal. A Giallorosso defender tried to stop him so he passed to Piola. Violent shot, 2-0 for Lazio.

Two minutes later Vettraino had the chance to make it three but missed. Not to worry. Fundamental two points for Lazio who played really well today.

Who played for Lazio

Manager: Canestri


Who played for Roma


Masetti, Brunella, Acerbi, Jacobini, Donati, Bonomi, Krieziu, Pantò, Amadei, Coscia, Borsetti.

Manager: Schaffer


Referee: Scorzoni


Goals: 43’ Piola, 80’ Piola



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