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One goal is enough

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Game 28, Serie A

Sunday, March 12, 1950

Stadio Nazionale, Rome

Lazio Sampdoria 1-0

An Arce goal in the first half is enough to beat Sampdoria

Those that were expecting fireworks from this game went home disappointed. It was a rather boring match. Both teams were in a relatively good place in Campionato and the unseasonably high temperature translated into a slow game.

Lucidio Sentimenti IV was injured so it was up to young Aldo De Fazio to defend Lazio’s goal. And he did a brilliant job. In the 22nd minute a powerful Renato Gei shot was parried by the young keeper who repeated himself shortly after on Italo Rebuzzi header. In the 37th minute De Fazio anticipated Juan Carlos Lorenzo and a minute later Lazio scored. Dionisio Arce was quick to get to an Enrique Flamini cross and despite tripping on the ball, he was able to go past Pietro Bonetti and score. In the second half Flamini hit the woodwork in the 55th minute and one minute from the end of the match Mario Magrini’s shot was saved by Bonetti.

Not a great game, but the most important thing is that Lazio won!!!

Who played for Lazio

Manager: Sperone

Who played for Sampdoria

Bonetti, Gratton, Bertani, Arrighini, Coscia, Mannocci, Lucentini, Gei, Rebuzzi, Lorenzo, Sabbatella.

Manager: Baloncieri

Referee: Liverani

Goal: 38’ Arce


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