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1949-50 Season Overview

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

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Lazio had finished 13th the previous season. The Biancocelesti had started with Orlando Tognotti as manager but after ten games he was replaced by Mario Sperone.

The season had been very up and down. There were some great wins such as beating Bologna 8-2, Modena 5-1, Palermo 5-1, Genoa 5-1, Triestina 4-0 but also some crushing defeats, Juventus 0-4, Pro Patria 2-5, Triestina 1-4, Fiorentina 0-4, Juventus 1-4. Lazio scored 60 goals but let in 62. The Biancocelesti had to find more balance and some things had to change.

What did not change for the new season was the manager as Mario Sperone was confirmed. Lazio did however make some alterations to their squad.

The main new arrivals were: keeper Lucidio Sentimenti (Juventus), defender Zeffiro Furiassi (Fiorenitna), midfielders Flavio Cecconi (Atalanta), Vittorio Sentimenti (Juventus) plus forward Dionisio Arce (Sporting Luqueño).

The main players leaving were: keepers Marco Brandolin (Udinese) and legend Uber Gradella (retiring), midfielders Salvador Gualtieri (Vicenza), Guido Tavellin (Verona-on loan), Paolo Todeschini (Napoli) plus forward Costantino De Andreis (Napoli-on loan).

Lazio were hoping to improve on the disappointing 13th place and find more consistency in their results.

The first game of the season was at Lucca on September 11 and Lazio drew 2-2. They then lost the next two (Juventus 1-3 at home and Como 0-1 away). Not a great start. Lazio were 18th with 1 point.

October started well with Lazio's first win (Genoa at home) but then followed with a defeat at Padova. Then came a derby triumph 3-1, always good medicine to sweep away any feelings of discontent. The derby's good vibes brought an away draw at Milan, a 4-2 home win against Bari and a 5-2 away win at Sampdoria. October faded but things were looking up. Lazio were 9th with 10 points.

In November Lazio played three games and went unbeaten, two home wins (Novara, Triestina) and one away draw (Bologna). Lazio were up to 4th on 15 points.

December brought Lazio back down to earth with two defeats (Inter and Palermo away) and three draws (Atalanta, Fiorentina at home and Torino away). Lazio were down to 9th on 18 points.

The new year immediately brought a victory as Lazio beat Pro Patria 1-0 on New Years Day. January was then a mixed bag; a defeat at Venezia but also three wins (Lucchese and Como at home and Juventus 2-1 away). Lazio moved up to 5th on 26 points.

February started with a defeat (Genoa away) but then improved with a 4-0 win over Padova, a derby draw and a 3-2 home win against Milan. It ended on a sour note however, losing at Bari 1-2. Lazio however back 4th on 31 points.

March was a good month with three wins (Sampdoria and Milan at home and Novara away). Lazio consolidated 4th place on 37 points.

April brought a prestigious win over Inter 3-2, two away draws (Triestina and Fiorentina) but also a 0-1 defeat at Atalanta. Lazio still 4th on 41 points.

May started with a bang as Lazio defeated Palermo 5-0 at home. There followed a 2-2 home draw against Torino and an away defeat away to Pro Patria. The season then ended on a high with a 2-0 home win over Venezia. Lazio finished 4th on 46 points.

The Scudetto was won by Juventus ahead of Milan and Inter. Lazio were the best of the rest.

Lazio in June then played in the prestigious Latin Cup but were beaten by Benfica 0-3 and Atlético Madrid 1-2, both away.

So a good season for Lazio. A high position in the league considering their limited financial resources. The Biancocelesti were punching above their weight, like so often in their history. A season with plenty of satisfactions, the 2-1 away win in Turin against Juventus, the home wins against Inter and Milan, the 5-2 away win against Sampdoria plus the 3-1 derby triumph over Roma.

Top scorer was Norberto Höfling with 13 league goals while the players with most appearances in total were Sentimenti III and Sentimenti IV with 37.


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