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Lazio edge Samp in tense penalty shoot out and triumph for fifth time

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Coppa Italia


Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Lazio Sampdoria 1-1 (6-5 on pens)

A seemingly endless penalty roulette goes Lazio's way after a 1-1 draw.

Official SS Lazio photo

There was a full house at the Olimpico tonight, about 45,000 Laziali and 20,000 Sampdoriani. The tickets were distributed evenly but being played in Rome there were obviously more local fans. The President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano was also present in the grandstand for institutional reasons (his son however apparently is a big Lazio fan).

Delio Rossi chose Goran Pandev, Pasquale Foggia and Mauro Zarate up front so Tommaso Rocchi was on the bench. In midfield Francelino Matuzalem was suspended so space for Cristian Ledesma, Ousmane Dabo and Cristian Brocchi with Stephan Lichsteiner and Alexsandar Kolarov pushing on the flanks. Sampdoria played with a very compact and solid midfield with all their hopes on the deadly duo Antonio Cassano-Giampaolo Pazzini in attack.

Ticket owned by Simon Basten

Lazio, just as in the recent derby, got off to a dream start. After four minutes they were in front. Zarate, as he had done against Roma, cut in from the left, jumping three or four players on the way, and sent a thundering shot into the opposite corner. A wonderful goal, Lazio 1 Samp 0.

The Blucerchiati, who had based the match on a defensive strategy, did not manage to change their game plan. Lazio dominated the first half hour. The Biancocelesti were in control and in the 28th minute had a double chance to extend their lead. A Kolarov shot was parried by Luca Castellazzi and then, from close range on the rebound, Pandev managed to find the keeper's body.

With their first opportunity, however, Sampdoria equalised. Cassano put a perfect ball into the area for Marius Stankevicius who headed on to Pazzini who again, with a low twist of the body, headed the ball past Fernando Muslera. Lazio 1 Sampdoria 1.

This time it was Lazio's turn to suffer from the setback. Their confidence faded and apart from an unstoppable Zarate, constantly fouled by the opponents, Lazio had difficulty reasserting control over the game. It was Sampdoria who had another chance with a Cassano free kick saved by Muslera. Halftime, all square at 1-1.

The teams started the second half unchanged. The only novelty was that Brocchi and Foggia swapped wings. Sampdoria had an early chance with Cassano, but his effort, between a shot and a cross, was cleared off the line by Kolarov. Lazio then had two opportunities but first Pandev's shot was blocked by Hugo Campagnaro and a little later Foggia shot high from a favourable position.

Lazio continued to attack and Sampdoria kept to their initial tactics but the Biancocelesti's energy started to fade. In the 73rd minute Rocchi replaced Pandev (who had been in doubt before the game due to injury) and Simone Del Nero came on for an exhausted Foggia.

Both teams were tiring and extra time became inevitable. The additional 30 minutes saw Sampdoria, having defended most of the match, with more to give. Not a lot happened but "Il Doria" had a Cassano shot go just over the bar and a Pazzini effort, set up by the Bari-born player, went wide.

So the game came to an end. Lazio had attacked more but Sampdoria with a solid defensive and physical display (six yellows, mainly to stop Zarate) had held their own. Both teams could have won but now it was all down to a tense penalty shoot out.

Unlike city rivals Roma, the Biancocelesti had never had this experience in a big tournament before, there was anxiety in the air.

So here we go. The Penalties

  • Cassano took the first shot. A low angled shot to the left was brilliantly saved by Muslera. MISSED

  • Ledesma next. The captain put a perfect shot in the top left hand corner. 1-0 Lazio.

  • Angelo Palombo. Medium height angled shot to the right. Muslera went the right way but 1-1.

  • Rocchi. Low angled shot to the left, post. MISSED 1-1

  • Pazzini. Ball central but keeper to the left. 2-1 Sampdoria.

  • David Rozehnal. Powerful medium height to the left, keeper to the right. 2-2.

  • Daniele Gastaldello. A hard but central shot was almost saved by Muslera but 3-2 Sampdoria.

  • Kolarov. Good low shot to the right, Castellazzi guessed correctly but 3-3.

  • Pietro Accardi. Central, Muslera to the right. 4-3 Sampdoria.

If Lazio missed now, it was all over.

  • Zarate. A half Palenka to the centre, keeper to the right. 4-4.

So after the first five penalties there was still no winner.

  • Gennaro Delvecchio. Medium height to the right, Muslera got a finger to it but 5-4 Sampdoria.

  • Lichsteiner. Perfect low penalty to the right, keeper to the left. 5-5.

  • Campagnaro. Central medium height, Muslera put a fist out and SAVED!

Lazio with a chance to win it now.

  • Dabo. Cracking low shot to the left, Castellazzi dived the right way but GOAL!! 6-5 (7-6 in total)

Lazio won the Coppa Italia!!

Delirium in the Lazio sectors. A deserved satisfaction for Delio Rossi who had served Lazio well and was in his last season as manager. Zárate, Muslera and Dabo were the heroes. The Frenchman was also the only surviving player from Lazio’s previous triumph in 2004.

So after a tense, balanced game and an extremely exciting penalty lottery (in hindsight anyway … at the time it was torture) Rocchi and Ledesma lifted Lazio’s fifth Coppa Italia to the Roman sky.

On a personal note the day after I caught a flight to Britain and my airplane had a Lazio scarf flying from the cockpit. I did not check if it was still there when we landed but even if it had gone flying over Europe somewhere it would be just as apt, as with this triumph that was exactly where we were heading, and to China of course.

Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Carrizo, Radu, Diakité, Mauri

Manager: D. Rossi

Who played for Sampdoria

Castellazzi, Campagnaro, Lucchini (96' Gastaldello), Accardi, Stankevicius, Sammarco (91' Dessena), Palombo, Franceschini (88' Delvecchio), Pieri, Pazzini, Cassano

Substitutes: Mirante, Raggi, Padalino, Marilungo

Manager: Mazzarri

Referee: Rosetti

Goals: 4' Zárate, 31' Pazzini


Cassano (S)- MISSED

Ledesma (L)- GOAL

Palombo (S)- GOAL

Rocchi (L)- MISSED

Pazzini (S)- GOAL

Rozehnal (L)- GOAL

Gastaldello (S)- GOAL

Kolarov (L)- GOAL

Accardi (S)- GOAL

Zárate (L)- GOAL

Delvecchio (S)- GOAL

Lichtsteiner (L)- GOAL

Campagnaro (S)- MISSED

Dabo (L)- GOAL

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