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Lazio win a battle for first place

Updated: Jun 6

Game 4, Semifinal Group, National Championship

Sunday, May 2, 1915

Campo della Farnesina, Rome

Lazio Sporting Pisa 4-2

In a match which saw very violent clashes between players, Lazio manage to win and now lead the Semifinal Group.

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Lazio were clearly the best team south of Bologna even though they had made a couple of faux pas in the Rome group. The game against Pisa was fundamental to determine who would top the semifinal group.

Sporting Pisa started well and in the first few minutes had a few chances, but it was Lazio who scored. In the 9th minute Carlo Maranghi flew down the wing and passed the ball to Giuseppe Fioranti whose shot beat the Pisa goalkeeper.

In the 22nd minute Guido Pera crossed inside the Lazio box and Scotti hammered the ball in to equalise.

Lazio were soon back in front. In the 26th minute Fernando Saraceni I dribbled a few Pisa players and once inside the box passed to Gino Donati who, from a difficult angle, put Lazio ahead. Five more minutes and Lazio made it three and this time it was Saraceni I who scored from an Augusto Faccani assist.

In the beginning of the second half tempers started rising and the referee had problems in calming down the players. Pisa reduced the deficit in the 60th minute with a Domenico Malfatti penalty (handball).

Lazio took control of the game again and in the 76th minute Maranghi moved from the right wing towards the centre and scored. 4-2 for Lazio and first place secured.

Who played for Lazio

Serventi, Bona, Levi, Zucchi, Faccani, Grasselli, Donati, Saraceni I, Consiglio, Fioranti, Maranghi.

Manager: Baccarini

Who played for Sporting Pisa

Giani, Malfatti, Bini, Poggetti, Zoppi, Donnini, Mattiello, Eschini, Garzella, Scotti, Pera

Referee: Bellucci

Goals: 9’ Fioranti, 22’ Scotti, 26’ Donati, 31’ Saraceni I, 60’ Malfatti (pen), 31’ Maranghi



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