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Lazio thrash Genoa despite absences

Season 1994-95

Game 24, Serie A

Sunday, March 19, 1995

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Lazio Genoa 4-0

An impressive attacking display enables the Biancocelesti to easily brush off the Rossoblu

Season ticket owned by Dag Jenkins, photo by Dag Jenkins

About 40,000 spectators were present on Father’s Day, San Giuseppe.


Lazio's most famous Giuseppe, Signori was absent as were half the team: Luca Marchegiani, Giuseppe Favalli, Roberto Cravero, Alen Boksic and Paul Gascoigne. Luckily Lazio had decent strength in depth in their squad. Genoa had no important absences.


Lazio were dominant from the word go. After only two minutes Roberto Rambaudi had a golden chance from a favourable position but his shot went sky high. In the 9th minute Gigi Casiraghi could have shot but instead passed to Marco Di Vaio who hit the post. Lazio continued to attack and the goal was only a matter of time. One minute as it turned out.


In the 10th minute following a clever Di Vaio-Roberto Bacci combination the midfielder scored his first ever Serie A goal. Lazio 1 Genoa 0.


Genoa showed no signs of life and in the 19th minute Lazio scored again. Aron Winter found Rambaudi who squared low into the middle for a José Antonio Chamot tap-in. Lazio 2 Genoa 0.


A minute later things could have got worse for the visitors when Daniele Delli Carri almost put the ball in his own net trying to anticipate Casiraghi from pouncing on a Diego Fuser cross.


Casiraghi then nearly scored in the 40th minute, set up by Rambaudi, but his cross-goal effort went just wide.


The third goal came anyway in the 44th minute. Genoa keeper Gianpaolo Spagnulo parried a powerful Winter strike up into the air and on the rebound Fuser made it three from close range. Lazio 3 Genoa 0. All too easy.


Lazio had another chance just before halftime but Di Vaio unmarked on the left side of the area saw his curling effort go just off target. At the break Lazio 3 Genoa 0. No contest so far.


In the second half the Rossoblu finally had an opportunity early on. A Chamot mistake gave John Van't Schip a chance but he was not able to take advantage and aimed too high. Then it was Lazio again.


In the 51st minute Paolo Negro won possession in midfield, surged forward and drilled a shot not far off the post and then six minutes later Lazio made it four. A great Winter-Rambaudi move was finished off by Di Vaio. Lazio 4 Genoa 0.


The Grifone at this point made a double substitution, defender Gianluca Francesconi on for midfielder Antonio Manicone and Japanese forward Kazuyoshi Miura for defender and captain Vincenzo Torrente


In the 60th minute Genoa went close to pulling one back but were unlucky as Roberto Onorati's superb curling effort from the left side of the box hit the crossbar. A few minutes later Skurhavy had an acrobatic bicycle kick well saved by Fernando Orsi.


In the 70th minute Fuser ran forward 40 metres with the ball but arrived tired and misfired his shot.


In the 75th minute a Negro header was saved by Spagnulo.


In the 77th minute a Miura shot was cleared near the goal line by Chamot.


In the 82nd minute Rambaudi went off and defender Mauro Bonomi came on.


In the 84th Fuser teed up Casiraghi but the Brianzolo striker hammered his shot over the bar.


The last effort of the afternoon was by Thomáš Skurhavý but it went miles too high.


There was just time for one more substitution by Lazio as Giuseppe Colucci, on his Serie A debut, came on for Winter. Both teams at this stage were looking forward to the final whistle. Lazio 4 Genoa 0.


A convincing win by Lazio who could have scored many more. Genoa were outclassed and looked like strong candidates for a trip down to Serie B if they did not improve.


Lazio were still 5th but had gained two points on Parma in 2nd. Genoa were still 13th and were pleased that the three teams immediately behind them, Padova, Cremonese and Foggia had all lost. There were basically two more relegation slots to be filled as Reggiana and Brescia were already goners.


Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Roma, Nesta, Venturin

Manager: Zeman


Who played for Genoa

Spagnulo, Torrente (52' Miura), Caricola, Manicone (52' Francesconi), Delli Carri, Galante, Ruotolo, Bortolazzi, Onorati, Skuhravy, Van't Schip

Substitutes: Spinetta, Signorini, Signorelli

Manager: Marchioro


Referee: Ceccarini

Goals: 10' Bacci, 19' Chamot, 44' Fuser, 56' Di Vaio



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