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Four minutes is enough to get rid of Lecce

Updated: Apr 30

Game 13, Serie A

Sunday, December 2, 2001

Stadio Via del Mare, Lecce

Lecce Lazio 1-2

A Crespo penalty and an Inzaghi goal in four minutes were enough to win away against a good Lecce.

Source Lazio Wiki

This was not going to be an easy game, but there was optimism in the Lazio camp and things started off really well. Simone Inzaghi and Hernan Crespo missed several chances early on and Lecce were in real difficulty. After a couple of saves by the Lecce keeper, in the 30th minute Sebastian Cimirotic suddenly hit the crossbar from 30 metres out after seeing Luca Marchegiani a bit too far off his line. Five minutes later Inzaghi, again, had another incredible chance. All alone, with an open goal, he managed to put it wide.

Things changed considerably in the second half. In the 58th minute Stefano Fiore was fouled just inside the penalty box. Crespo made it 1-0. Four minutes later Inzaghi literally stomached the ball in the back of the net from Cesar cross and it was 2-0.

Lecce tried a comeback and pulled one back in the 68th minute with Bruno Cirillo, a fluky volley catching Marchegiani unawares. Nothing much happened after this. Lazio were in complete control and apart from a few handball appeals from Lecce not much else happened. Lazio’s consecutive wins were now up to four.

Who played for Lecce

Chimenti, Cirillo, Popescu, Savino, Giorgetti (46' Balleri), Superbi (66' Konan), Giacomazzi, Tonetto, Colonnello, Cimirotic (46' Vugrinec), Chevanton.

Subsitutes: Frezzolini, Juarez, Malusci, Silvestri.

Manager: Cavasin.

Who played for Lazio

Subsitutues: Concetti, Mihajlovic, C. Lopez, Mendieta, Gottardi

Manager: Zaccheroni

Referee: Rosetti

Goals: 59’ Crespo (pen), 63’ S. Inzaghi, 68’ Cirillo



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