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Luigi Cassano

Luigi Cassano was born at Litta Parodi, near Alessandria, on March 26, 1920.

Luigi Cassano is first from left standing. Source Wikipedia

He started his professional career with Liguria (the 1930s name for Sampierdarenese, which later merged with Doria to form Sampdoria) in 1937 and subsequently played for Napoli and Torino with whom he won a scudetto and a Coppa Italia in 1942-43. 


He arrived at Lazio in 1946 from Alessandria where in 1945-46 he had won the Serie B Championship as a full back. The negotiation was not easy because he owned a flourishing leather activity so after having accepted a salary, he then had second thoughts. But in the end, he did come to the right side of the Italian capital and played one season with 33 appearances. He was a good defender but did not stay long.


In 1947-48 he signed for Sampdoria. He died on February 5, 1948 at only 28 years of age. He apparently ate some bad mussels in an away match at Bari and got typhus fever.

Lazio Career


Serie A Appearances





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