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Vincenzo Zucchini

Vincenzo Zucchini was born in Ferrara on July 21, 1947.

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He started his football career with Tevere Roma in 1966 and then, after a brief period with Fiorentina, played for Pietrasanta Marina and Del Duca Ascoli in Serie D and C. In 1969 he signed for Savona in Serie C and stayed a couple of years. In 1971 he moved to Avellino and a year later was one of the protagonists of their first promotion to Serie B.

In 1973 he signed for Pescara in Serie C and became one of the most important players. In his first year the Abruzzesi got promoted to Serie B and in 1976-77 to Serie A. Their stay in the top tier did not last long and in 1979 he signed for Lazio.

It was not a good year for the Biancocelesti and not a good year for Zucchini either. He was almost always one of the worst players on the pitch. But when Bruno Giordano, Lionello Manfredonia, Pino Wilson and Massimo Cacciatori got arrested, he did give a helping hand to D’Amico and with a bunch of kids Lazio managed to avoid relegation to Serie B. They would later be relegated due to the Totonero scandal.

In 1980 he signed for Vicenza in Serie B and a year later he left for Salernitana where he closed his career in 1983. He then began a managerial career first with Chieti in 1984-85 and then with Sulmona from 1986 to 1990.

In 1990 he went back to Pescara as assistant to manager Giovanni Galeone. When the latter was sacked in 1993, he took over but could not avoid Pescara’s relegation to Serie B. The Biancoazzurri did however beat Napoli 3-0 and Juventus 5-1 and he was confirmed for the 1993-94 season. But then he was sacked after six games. In 1997-98 he returned to Sulmona and in 2007 was head coach for Giulianova.

In 2009 he returned to Pescara and became team manager.

He died at 66 years of age on November 24, 2013.

Lazio Career


Total appearances (goals)

Serie A

Coppa Italia


30 (4)

25 (3)

5 (1)



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