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Raimondo Marino

Raimondo Marino was born in Messina, on February 11, 1961.

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He grew up in the Napoli youth sector and made his first team debut in 1979. The manager was first former Lazio Luís Vinicio and then, for the last three games, Angelo Sormani. Marino played 7 league games with 1 goal (winner against Milan), 1 in Coppa Italia and 2 in the UEFA Cup. His teammates included Lazio connections Roberto Badiani, Andrea Agostinelli, Claudio Vinazzani and Walter Speggiorin. Napoli finished 10th.

In 1980-81 Napoli finished 3rd (UEFA Cup) under former Lazio player Rino Marchesi. Marino played 13 league games and 4 in Coppa Italia. He played in a defence which included Ruud Krol, Giuseppe Bruscolotti and Moreno Ferrario.

In 1981-82 Napoli finished 4th (UEFA Cup) and Marino played 18 league games with 1 goal (Como), 4 in Coppa Italia and 1 in the UEFA Cup. His teammates included former Lazio, Filippo Citterio.

In 1982-83 former Lazio player Massimo Giacomini arrived as manager but he was replaced at the end of November by Gennaro Rambone (with Bruno Pesaola as TD). The Partenopei finished 10th and Marino played 27 league games with 2 goals (last minute equaliser away at Inter and Roma), 8 in Coppa Italia and 4 in Europe. His teammates included Claudio Vagheggi.

In 1983 Marino was loaned to Catanzaro in Serie B for a year. It was a negative one for "Aquile del Sud" (Eagles of the South) or maybe slightly exaggerated "Timore del Nord" (Fear of the North) as they were relegated to Serie C. The managers were first Mario Corso and then, after ten games, former Lazio player, Antonio Renna. Marino played 35 league games with 5 goals (Campobasso, Como, Cremonese, Arezzo and Sambenedettese).

In 1984-85 he was back in Naples in Serie A. The manager was Marchesi again and the "Azzurri" finished 8th. Marino played 22 league games and 5 in Coppa Italia. His teammates included a character called Diego Armando Maradona.

The 1985-86 would be his last in Naples. The new manager was Ottavio Bianchi and Napoli finished 3rd (UEFA Cup). Marino played 12 league games and 5 in Coppa Italia. Two of his new team mates were Lazio legend Bruno Giordano and former keeper Claudio Garella. The following season Napoli would win the Scudetto but by then Marino had moved on.

In the summer of 1986, he joined Lazio in Serie B. The manager was Eugenio Fascetti and the Biancocelesti had promotion ambitions. Unfortunately, before the season they were given a docking of nine points for former player Claudio Vinazzani's alleged involvement in the Totonero-bis betting scandal. With still only two points for a win this was a heavy handicap. Lazio however had a memorable season. They avoided direct relegation with a dramatic 83rd minute Giuliano Fiorini goal against Vicenza and went to a three-team playoff with Taranto and Campobasso, to decide the last team to go down. In Naples in July, Lazio first lost 0-1 to Taranto but then beat Campobasso 1-0 with a Fabio Poli winner. An endless and epic season. Marino played 31 league games plus 1 in the playoffs with 3 goals (Pescara, Cremonese and Campobasso) and 2 in Coppa Italia.

In 1987-88 Fascetti stayed on and Lazio won promotion to Serie A. Marino played 36 league games and scored 2 goals (Modena and opened the score in the promotion clincher against Taranto) plus 5 in Coppa Italia. A big contribution to Lazio’s return to the top flight after three difficult years.

In 1988-89 Fascetti surprisingly left, over divergences on market strategies and in came Giuseppe Materazzi. Lazio had a decent first season back and finished 10th. Marino played 26 league games and 8 in Coppa Italia with 2 goals (Messina, Atalanta). The highlight of the season was defeating Roma after ten years with a Paolo Di Canio winner. Marino played the whole game blocking Rudi Völler, Bruno Conti, Giuseppe Giannini and company.

In 1989-90 he signed for Lecce in Serie A. Under manager Carlo Mazzone the Salentini finished 12th. Marino played 31 league games with 1 goal (Cesena) and 2 in Coppa Italia. He stayed on the following season, under manager Zbigniew Boniek but the "Lupi" were relegated. Marino played 15 league games with 1 goal (Cagliari) and 5 in Coppa Italia.

In 1993 he joined L'Aquila in C2. The "Valorosa" (The Valiant) came 6th but was then relegated to Eccellenza (5th tier) due to financial problems. The Rossoblu then finished 3rd and then changed their name to Vis Aquila and in 1995-96 played in the Amateur League. In his three years in Abruzzo, he played 28 league games and in his last year was player - manager.

In his early years he also earned 2 Under 21 caps in 1980.

At the age of 35 Marino retired and went into full time coaching. From 1997 to 2003 he was in Lecce's youth sector. In 2003-04 he coached Napoli Primavera (U19's) and from 2004 to 2006 was involved with Taranto youth sector and then first team. In 2007, towards the end of the season, he became head coach at Ternana in C1 and finished 12th. In 2007-08 he was manager of Gubbio in C2 but did not last the season. In 2009-10 he was coach at Real Squinzano (Lecce) in Promozione (6th tier) and finished 4th. Then from 2010 to 2014 he was back in Lecce's youth sector. From 2017 he has been involved in Brindisi's youth sector.

Marino was a central defender but he could also play at left and right full-back. He is 1.88 and 76 kilos. He was a strong and physical defender good at man to man marking. He could however also play the ball from the back and given his height was good in the air. He played 156 games in Serie A.

He was at Lazio only three seasons but they were all important ones. He is one of the -9 heroes who saved the club from relegation. In his second year Lazio won promotion back to Serie A. In his third Lazio were back in the big time and he was captain, with the Biancocelesti experiencing the thrill of winning a local derby for the first time in ten years. Marino is obviously remembered fondly at Lazio.

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