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Renato Miele

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Renato Miele played for Lazio from 1982 to 1985.

Source Wikipedia

Renato Miele was born in Rome, on October 25, 1957.

He grew up in the Lazio youth sector. In 1977 he joined the first team squad but did not get his debut.

In 1977-78 he went to Brindisi in Serie C. He played 28 games for the "Gateway to the East" Blues.

In 1978-79 he moved to Pisa in Serie C. The Nerazzurri won promotion and Miele stayed on for another year in Serie B. He played 58 league games for the Pisani.

In 1980-81 he spent a year in Ferrara at SPAL in Serie B. Miele played 25 league games with 1 goal (Catania). The Spallini came 12th and reached the quarter final of the Coppa Italia.

In 1981 he travelled to Sicily and joined Catania in Serie B. Under manager Giorgio Michelotti the "Elefanti" finished 9th and Miele played 33 league games with 1 goal (Pistoiese).

In 1982-83 he came back to Lazio. The Biancocelesti had been in Serie B for two years but, with the return of Bruno Giordano and Lionello Manfredonia (after betting scandal of 1980), had serious Serie A ambitions. They were successful, first under Roberto Clagluna (1-33) and then Juan Carlos Morrone (34-38). Miele played 31 league games with 1 goal (Cavese). He made his debut in the fourth fixture, an away win at Sambenedettese, and practically kept his place throughout the season. He made a good contribution to Lazio’s promotion and even scored in the last decisive draw at Cavese (a diving header putting Lazio one up).

The following year in Serie A he played less but still got 16 league games and 1 in Coppa Italia. Lazio, first under Giancarlo Morrone (1-12) and then Paolo Carosi (13-30) managed to avoid relegation in the last game of the season with another 2-2 draw, this time at Pisa.

In 1984-85 season was a disaster for Lazio. They changed manager twice; from Carosi (1-2) to Juan Carlos Lorenzo (3-20) and then Bob Lovati/Giancarlo Oddi (21-30). Lazio finished 15th and were relegated. Miele was not involved as he made no appearances.

In 1986-87 he went to Triestina in Serie B. Under manager Enzo Ferrari, the "Alabardati" finished 11th (they had started at -4 due to the Totonero scandal punishment). Miele however only played 3 league games.

By now he was more concentrated on his legal career. He had got his law degree while still at Lazio. He is from a family of lawyers and his grandfather was a magistrate.

Miele is now a respected and well-known lawyer in Rome. He was involved in the Ustica case (In 1980 an Itavia Bologna -Palermo passenger plane was shot down killing all 81 on board) and has also defended football players in the Gea and Calciopoli cases.

He still appears on local TV sports programs about Lazio and can be heard on the radio discussing Lazio’s progress.

For some years he also coached youth teams at local level. Between 2009 and 2013 he put his boots back on and was involved with Petriana and Vigor Mellis.

As a player Miele was a classic man-to-man marking central defender. He is 1.80 for 74 kilos and was a solid defender with good aerial skills. The peak of his career was at his hometown and childhood team Lazio. He will be remembered mainly as part of the 82-83 promotion team that got Lazio back up after two dismal years in Serie B. It felt like the beginning of a new dawn. It was not the case but Miele played his part in creating the possibility.

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