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Renato Spurio

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Renato Spurio was born in Rome on June 10, 1930.

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He joined the Lazio youth setup at 16 with other kids basically saved from street life. In 1948 he won the Juniores league title and in the same year began to be called up to the first team squad.


In 1948-49 the manager was first Orlando Tognotti (1-10) and then Mario Sperone. The Biancocelesti finished 13th and Spurio played 3 league games. He made his debut on December 8, 1948, in a 1-4 defeat to Triestina.


In 1949-50 Sperone stayed on and Lazio finished an excellent 4th. Spurio played 5 league games.


In 1950-51 he was loaned to Anconitana in Serie B for a year. The managers were Giovanni Degni (1-6), Giostra (7) and Giovanni Corbyons (9-42) and the Dorici were relegated. Spurio played 34 league games. He played alongside former Lazio teammates Guido Tavellin and legend Salvador Gualtieri (1940-50) plus former Lazio keeper Corrado Giubilo (1939-48).


In 1951 he returned to Lazio but was immediately sent out on loan to Prato in Serie C. The manager was Ferrero Alberti and the Biancazzurri were relegated to Serie D. Spurio played 24 league games.


Spurio then returned to Lazio and stayed two seasons. He was a reserve and Lazio finished 10th (under Giuseppe Bigogno and then Alfredo Notti) and 11th (under Mario Sperone and then Federico Allasio). Spurio played 6 league games plus 26 for the reserve team who won the league title.


In 1954-55 he spent a year on loan at Monza in Serie B. The Brianzoli finished 13th under first Fioravante Baldi (1-10) and then Carlo Alberto Quario (11-34). Spurio played 15 league games.


In 1955-56 he came back to Lazio again but played for the reserves. The Biancocelesti, under first Luigi Ferrero (1-14) and then Englishman Jesse Carver, had a great season and finished 3rd. The Reserves meanwhile won the league title.


Spurio then played a season with Federconsorzi Roma in Serie C before returning to Anconitana in 1957 where he stayed three more seasons. The Biancorossi were in Serie D but won promotion and then finished 11th and 6th. Spurio played 35 league games. One of his managers was former Lazio player Carlo Parola (1954-55) but above all Juventus legend (334 league games) and manager.


Spurio then retired at 30.


He had two brief coaching experiences, with Anconitana in 1963-64, in Serie C finishing 11th and then in 1978-79 with Colleferro near Rome in the 5th tier but the Rossoneri were relegated.


Spurio was a midfielder although early on he played as a forward. His main assets were his speed and his heading skills. He played 14 games in Serie A and 49 in B.


At Lazio he played 13 games in Serie A over five seasons. He faced stern opposition for places in midfield as at the time Lazio had players like Romolo Alzani, Enrique Flamini, Mario Magrini and Vittorio Sentimenti III, all club legends.


Renato Spurio died in Rome on May 19 2015.

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