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Roberto Tavola

Roberto Tavola was born on August 7 1957 in Lecco.

Roberto Tavola is third from right, middle row. Source Wikipedia

He started playing football in the youth teams of Atalanta and debuted in Serie A on September 11, 1977 in the game against Perugia. He stayed four years with the Bergamaschi and in 1979 signed for Juventus. The Bianconeri always had an eye for talent and particularly for Atalanta talent and over the years have picked up numerous players from the Nerazzurri.

In his first year in Turin, he played 14 league games and scored two goals, but was unable to find regular space in the main team. In 1980 he was sent on loan to Caligari but played only slightly more (18 appearances with one goal). Back at Juve for the 1981-82 season, he made only three league appearances so in the summer of 1982 he was sent again on loan this time to Lazio.

Lazio were in Serie B but thanks to the return to active football of Bruno Giordano and Lionello Manfredonia, they were among the favourites for promotion. It was Tavola’s big chance, but even here he lacked the consistency to make more than 20 appearances. Lazio were promoted but he went back to Turin.

After another year mainly on the bench he signed for Reggina in Serie C1. He stayed in the third tier for the next seasons playing for Spal, Catanzaro and Ischia Isolaverde. His last two years were with Asti TSC and Seo Borgaro Torinese in the minor leagues.

Once he quit football, he began to manage some news kiosks in a few large Turin supermarkets but he continued to be involved with football managing local amateur teams.

At Lazio, Tavola was a disappointment. Great faith had been put in him but his contribution was minimal. At least the Biancocelesti reached promotion and he will be remembered for that.

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