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Transfers 1988

Updated: Jan 16

The previous season Lazio had finally, after three dramatic years, managed to get promoted to Serie A. It had not been easy, but once the team started to click the path to promotion had been slightly more downhill.

Manager Eugenio Fascetti had initially been confirmed but then a massive argument with President Gian Marco Calleri over the summer signings gave the President the excuse to sack him and call up Giuseppe Materazzi as new manager. A shock to all the fans. But, there was great enthusiasm and anticipation for the new season.

Many of the old timers and Fascetti players were sold during the summer. These were substituted by international players as well as those who could add experience, a much needed ingredient if the club wanted to stay in Serie A.


Domenico Caso was one of the heroes of the -9 season. He arrived in 1986, was the midfield player with experience that Lazio needed at the time and was fundamental in the promotion year too. He left the Biancocelesti after 110 appearances and 8 goals and would play for Latina.

Vincenzo Esposito, midfielder, had been a good back up player in the last couple of years. Another -9 hero, after 57 appearances for the Biancocelesti, he was sold to Atalanta.

Giuseppe Galderisi was supposed to be the coup signing of the previous year. Nanu, as he was nicknamed, had played with Juventus, Verona, Milan, had won trophies, perfect for Lazio. But Galderisi went into a deep scoring drought and ended up on the bench. 38 appearances and just two goals was too little for Calleri to even think about signing him permanently. He had arrived on loan from Milan, he went back to Milan.

Paolo Monelli, forward, was one of the heroes of the previous season. Top scorer, thanks to his goals Lazio had managed to get promoted. It was thought that he would continue as the Biancoceleste’s centre forward in Serie A too but Calleri sold him to Bari. This was the reason for the argument with Fascetti who was not at all happy. Monelli left Lazio after 42 appearances and 14 goals.


Ruben Sosa, Uruguayan forward, had made a name for himself with Real Saragozza where he had won a Copa del Rey in 1986. He had played three years in Spain so while on one hand he was still young, he also already had experience of European football.

Gustavo Abel Dezotti, forward from Argentina, had just won the Argentinian championship with Newell’s Old Boys. Highly considered, and Argentine international, he had played six years for the Rosario club.

Nelson Gutiérrez, Uruguayan defender, had considerable experience and a good CV, having won the Uruguay championship twice with Penarol, the Argentinian once with River Plate, two Copa Libertadores, two Intercontinental Cups and the Copa America twice with Uruguay. He was considered ideal to help Lazio out in their first year of Serie A.

Marco Monti, defender, had just missed out on promotion to Serie B with Virescit and was a very promising prospect.

Lazio needed Serie A experienced players particularly at midfield. Hence the signing of Andrea Icardi, seven years with AC Milan and two with Atalanta, and Claudio Sclosa, former Torino. The latter had played the last two years with Pisa under Materazzi, new Lazio head coach.

Autumn Goodbyes

Luca Brunetti, defender, followed a similar path to that of Vincenzo Esposito. After 49 appearances he was sold to Taranto.

Giancarlo Camolese, midfielder, another -9 Lazio hero, despite having already made three appearances in Coppa Italia this season, was sold to Padova. He played 57 games for Lazio.

Once Gabriele Savino had started playing well last season, the Biancocelesti began climbing the table and finally reached promotion. Midfielder, but also a good goal scorer, he was sold to Brescia. With Lazio he made 40 appearances and scored 10 goals.


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