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Transfers 1992-93

A new president, Sergio Cragnotti, loads of money and a team that needed rebuilding. As a consequence, many, many new players and lots leaving. This was the exciting summer transfer window of 1992-93.


There was a need to improve quality wise and this is exactly what Cragnotti did.

Mauro Bonomi, Giuseppe Favalli and Dario Marcolin, stars of Italy’s Under 21 were sought by many teams but Cragnotti got all three. A central defender, left back and midfield player, they all came from Cremonese and Lazio had high hopes they would all add quality to the team.

Luca Luzardi, central defender arriving from Brescia, was also part of the Under 21. Tall, good header of the ball, similar player to Angelo Gregucci

Roberto Cravero, another central defender, huge experience after a lifetime at Torino, was the quality libero that Lazio needed.

Diego Fuser, winger from the Torino youth sector, was owned by Milan but did not get enough playing time. After a year on loan in Florence where he made 38 appearances and scored 9 goals, he went back to Milan but again played very little. He has moved to Lazio. Great potential, good crosser and excellent on free kicks

Paul Gascoigne is one of the world's best players and one of the few still not playing in Serie A. An agreement for his signing was made a year ago but finalised this year due to the terrible injury he sustained in his last match for Tottenham. Probably one of the most exciting players Great Britain has had since George Best. Only question: how much has he lost after that injury?

Aron Winter. Solid Dutch midfield player, has always played for Ajax and has 25 caps for Holland. Excellent signing.

Giuseppe Signori is just what Lazio needed to substitute Ruben Sosa. He has similar characteristics, left footed, fast, good shot, his rise to fame came once he began playing under Zdenek Zeman at Foggia where together with Roberto Rambaudi and Ciccio Baiano he made up a formidable attacking trio.


With the arrival of numerous new players, many backup players and some regulars too were let go.

After Raffaele Sergio’s excellent first season with Lazio, he looked as if he lost that spark in the last couple of years and the club decided to substitute him with Beppe Favalli and sell him to Torino. He made 94 appearances with one goal in three seasons for the Biancocelesti.

Emiliano Verga arrived last year as backup defender but played very little and due to the fact that the club has invested heavily in defence, he was sold to Fiorentina. He made 8 appearances last season.

Claudio Vertova is another defender barely used in the last couple of years who is leaving. In two years he made just six appearances. He will play for Lecco.

Stefano Melchiori arrived last season from Reggiana and did not do too badly for a reserve. But there was a need for improved quality so, after 23 appearances and on goal, he will play for Lecce.

Gabriele Pin, our fantastic captain and one of the Lazio veterans, was allowed to leave after 225 appearances and 16 goals in six years. One of the heroes of the -9 season, he too was a victim of the increased quality in midfield. He was sold to Parma.

Berardino Capocchiano was an example of the Italian immigrant who left for Germany in search of a better life. He made a name for himself in the German second tier, and Lazio decided to give him a try. He failed. Never taken into consideration by Dino Zoff for the entire season, he was sold to Bari. Just three appearances with Lazio.

Ruben Sosa arrived in 1988 with Gustavo Dezotti and Nelson Gutierrez, the first foreign players since Joāo Batista and Michael Laudrup. He was the only one who lasted and made 140 appearances and scored 47 goals for Lazio. He and Gianmarco Calleri did not reach an agreement for the renewal of his contract so he left for Inter. A pity or a blessing?

Roberto Soldà left Lazio in the winter transfer window. After 93 solid appearances, he obviously no longer had space on the team with the arrival of Roberto Cravero. He left for Monza.

When Lazio sold Paolo Di Canio, Armando Madonna was the most obvious solution to replace him. He was an excellent winger at Atalanta and played exceptionally well against the Biancocelesti. But his year at Lazio in 1990-91 was a disaster and he was loaned out last season to Piacenza. In the winter transfer window he was sold to Spal. He made 27 appearances and two goals for the Biancocelesti.


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