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What happened in Serie A 2022-23

An excellent season for Lazio who arrived second behind steamroller Napoli who gave all the others no choice but to fight for the remaining positions behind. Inter 3rd and Milan 4th were slightly disappointing, the Rossoneri qualified for the Champions League only because Juventus were given a ten point docking for financial irregularities. Further back, Atalanta and Roma qualified for next year’s Europa League even though more had been expected from them. Juventus, due to the -10, reached seventh place and will play in the Conference League but played pretty dismally throughout the year.

Behind the seven sisters, the rest of the clubs never really threatened those above apart from an initial sprint by Udinese which gradually petered out during the course of the season. A good year from Monza, Empoli and Salernitana, never really at risk of a relegation battle which was left to Lecce, Spezia and Verona. Cremonese and Sampdoria never really gave the impression that they would avoid the drop down to Serie B. Verona ultimately beat Spezia in a playoff and managed to stay in Serie A. Spezia took their eye off the ball in the second half of the season and collapsed even if they were unlucky especially in their last game when Roma were given a non-existent last minute penalty.

In the European Cups, excellent run from the Italians with the exception of Lazio, relegated to the Conference League after arriving third in their Europa League (EL) group stage (due to acts of suicide but also terrible refereeing) and losing against future semi-finalists AZ Alkmaar. Juventus, relegated from the Champions League (CL), reached the semi-finals of the EL, beaten by Sevilla in extra time. Napoli, after having impressed throughout the CL campaign, were eliminated by Milan in the quarter finals. Milan did what they could and managed to reach the semi-finals of the CL only to be thoroughly disintegrated by Inter. The latter in CL, Roma in EL and Fiorentina in Conference League all managed to reach the finals but were all beaten. Fiorentina by West Ham United in the dying seconds, Roma on penalties with Sevilla winning their seventh EL and Inter by Manchester City in the CL. On the whole, very good performances by the Italian teams.

2022 Summer Transfers

According to the media the teams that came out strengthened from the transfer campaign were Roma (thanks mainly to the signing of Paolo Dybala on a free transfer), Juventus, with Paul Pogba and Angel Di Maria, and Inter with the return of Romelu Lukaku. Milan acquired the services of Charles De Ketelere, a very interesting forward from Club Bruges but lost Frank Kessie who left for Barcelona. Napoli sold their best defender Kalidou Kouilibaly to Chelsea and let Lorenzo Insigne go. They were substituted by a South Korean, Kom-Min jae, and a Georgian, Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, two virtually unknown players.

At the beginning of the season many journalists had Inter, Juventus and Roma as favourites with Milan just slightly behind. Napoli, Lazio and Atalanta may have fought for 4th place if one of the others faltered.


Four games in August that reflected more the quality of the opposition rather than form. Lazio beat Inter 3-1 while Juventus and Roma drew 1-1 with Jose Mourinho moaning about referees. He would do so all season.

The Serie A table stood as follows: Roma 10, Atalanta 10, Inter 9, Milan 8, Lazio 8, Napoli 8, Juve 8, Torino 7, Udinese 7, Fiorentina 5, Sassuolo 5, Salernitana 5, Spezia 4, Empoli 3, Bologna 2, Hellas Verona 2, Sampdoria 2, Lecce 2, Monza 0, Cremonese 0


Three games played. Napoli won in Rome against Lazio (2-1) and in Milan (2-1). Udinese climbed the table after beating Roma and Inter. Roma also lost at home against Atalanta. Milan won the derby 3-2.

The European competitions started with Napoli destroying Liverpool 4-1 and Juventus losing both their opening games. In Europa League Roma lost their first but won their second and Lazio viceversa. In the Conference League Fiorentina managed just one point in two games.

Napoli 17, Atalanta 17, Udinese 16, Milan 14, Lazio 14, Roma 13, Inter 12, Juve 10, Torino 10, Sassuolo 9, Fiorentina 9, Spezia 8, Salernitana 7, Empoli 7, Bologna 6, Lecce 6, Hellas Verona 5, Monza 4, Sampdoria 2, Cremonese 2.


Five games played and big clashes. Inter-Roma 1-2, Milan-Juve 2-0, Atalanta-Lazio 0-2 and Roma-Napoli 0-1. Napoli waved goodbye to the rest of the league and the others started considering that second place was not too bad after all. Juventus won the derby.

In Europe Fiorentina won all three games and moved to second place in their group, Roma struggled and would have to beat Ludogorec in their final match to go through, Lazio were top of theirs but needed one point against Feyenoord as did Milan against Salzburg. Inter beat Barcelona at home and drew away hence they had secured second place in theirs, Juventus were already relegated to Europa League.

Napoli 32, Atalanta 27, Milan 26, Roma 25, Lazio 24, Inter 24, Juve 22, Udinese 22, Torino 17, Salernitana 16, Sassuolo 15, Fiorentina 13, Bologna 13, Empoli 11, Monza 10, Spezia 9, Lecce 8, Sampdoria 6, Hellas Verona 5, Cremonese 5.


Three games played before wrapping up for the World Cup. Napoli continued to win. Lazio won the derby but lost 3-0 against Juventus who also beat Inter. At the bottom it looked like the fight for survival was all over.

In Europe, Lazio were relegated to the Conference League. All the others, with the exception of Juventus, went through to the next stage.

Napoli 41, Milan 33, Juve 31, Lazio 30, Inter 30, Atalanta 27, Roma 27, Udinese 24, Torino 21, Fiorentina 19, Bologna 19, Salernitana 17, Empoli 17, Sassuolo 16, Monza 16, Lecce 15, Spezia 13, Cremonese 7, Sampdoria 6, Hellas Verona 5.


Serie A returned with five games. Napoli lost their first game of the season vs Inter but continued to fly, Milan started to falter and lost 4-0 against Lazio but kept second place, Juventus were crushed in Naples 5-1 and docked 15 points for financial irregularities.

The big teams came into the Coppa Italia last 16 round and there were some surprises: Napoli were knocked out by Cremonese and Milan by Torino.

In the Super Coppa final in Ryad, Saudi Arabia, virtually no contest in the Milan derby as Inter thrashed Milan 3-0.

Napoli 53, Inter 40, Lazio 38, Atalanta 38, Milan 38, Roma 37, Udinese 29, Torino 27, Empoli 26, Bologna 26, Monza 25, Fiorentina 24, Juventus 23 (-15), Salernitana 21, Sassuolo 20, Lecce 20, Spezia 18, Hellas Verona 13, Sampdoria 9, Cremonese 8.


Four games in February further defined what was going to happen. Inter won the derby, Atalanta crushed Lazio away but lost to Milan, Roma were defeated in Naples. Verona started to threaten Spezia down below.

In the Coppa Italia quarter-finals, Juventus beat Lazio and Inter Atalanta. They would meet in the semifinal. Cremonese, after eliminating Napoli, did the same against Roma and would meet Fiorentina who beat Torino.

In the Champions League last 16 first leg, Milan, Napoli and Inter all won against Tottenham, Eintracht Frankfurt and Porto respectively. In Europa League, Juventus and Roma were through to the last 16 as were Lazio and Fiorentina in Conference.

Napoli 65, Inter 47, Milan 47, Lazio 45, Roma 44, Atalanta 41, Bologna 35, Juventus 35 (-15), Torino 31, Udinese 31, Monza 29, Empoli 28, Fiorentina 28, Lecce 27, Sassuolo 27, Salernitana 24, Spezia 20, Hellas Verona 17, Cremonese 12, Sampdoria 11.


Three games in March. Lazio won in Naples and beat Roma again. They were now second. The Giallorossi won against Juventus who won in Milan against Inter.

In Europe Milan, Napoli and Inter were through to the quarter finals as were Roma, Juventus and Fiorentina. Lazio were knocked out by AZ Alkmaar.

Napoli 71, Lazio 52, Inter 50, Milan 48, Roma 47, Atalanta 45, Juventus 41 (-15), Udinese 38, Torino 37, Bologna 37, Fiorentina 37, Sassuolo 36, Monza 34, Empoli 28, Salernitana 27, Lecce 27, Spezia 24, Hellas Verona 19, Sampdoria 15, Cremonese 13


Five games in April. Lazio beat Juventus but lost to Inter who went through a very bad patch. Roma lost at Bergamo and drew at home with Milan losing further ground. Napoli, who earlier in the month were thrashed at home 4-0 by Milan, by beating Salernitana at home could already have been champions but drew and would have to wait. Juventus were momentarily given back their 15 points as the court had to effectively redefine the sentence. There would be a docking but probably less than the initial 15 points. Verona caught up on Spezia and were not too far off Empoli and Lecce.


n the European cup quarterfinals, Milan beat Napoli and would face Inter in the semi-finals of the Champions League, Roma, Juventus and Fiorentina also went through.

The Coppa Italia final would be between Inter, who eliminated Juventus, and Fioretina who predictably had the better of a good Cremonese.

Napoli 79, Lazio 61, Juventus 60, Roma 57, Inter 57, Milan 57, Atalanta 55, Bologna 45, Fiorentina 45, Monza 44, Sassuolo 43, Torino 42, Udinese 42, Salernitana 34, Empoli 32, Lecce 31, Spezia 27, Hellas Verona 27, Cremonese 20, Sampdoria 17


Five games in May. Napoli drew at Udine and were mathematically champions. Lazio initially dropped down to third place after losing against Milan and drawing at home vs Lecce. But then took advantage of Inter losing at Napoli to re-overtake them. Roma collapsed and lost out on a Champions League position. Juventus were finally docked 10 points hence Lazio, Inter and Milan will join Napoli in next year’s champions league. In the fight to avoid relegation it would all be down to the last game between Spezia and Verona.

In Europe, Inter crushed Milan and reached the Champions League final. They would play Manchester City. Roma also went through and would meet Sevilla who beat Juventus. Fiorentina beat Basel and would face West Ham in their final. In the Europa League final Roma lost on penalties.

In the Coppa Italia Inter beat Fiorentina 2-1 after coming from behind.

Napoli 87, Lazio 71, Inter 69, Milan 67, Atalanta 61, Roma 60, Juventus 59 (-10), Fiorentina 53, Torino 53, Monza 52, Bologna 51, Udinese 46, Sassuolo 45, Empoli 43, Salernitana 42, Lecce 36, Hellas Verona 31, Spezia 31, Cremonese 24, Sampdoria 19.


Lazio consolidated their second place by winning at Empoli. Atalanta and Roma will play the Europa League and Juventus the Conference League. Verona and Spezia needed a playoff to determine who would stay in Serie A and the former beat the latter 3-1.

Fiorentina lost the Conference League final to West Ham 2-1 who scored their winner in the dying seconds. Inter lost to Manchester City 0-1.

Coming up from Serie B are Frosinone, Genoa and Cagliari.

Final table: Napoli 90, Lazio 74, Inter 72, Milan 70, Atalanta 64, Roma 63, Juventus 62 (-10), Fiorentina 56, Bologna 54, Torino 53, Monza 52, Udinese 46, Sassuolo 45, Empoli 43, Salernitana 42, Lecce 36, Spezia 31, Hellas Verona 31, Cremonese 27, Sampdoria 19

Top goal scorer: Victor Oshimen (Napoli) 26 goals

Final ratings

Napoli 9.5: Great season in Serie A, half a point taken off due to the defeat in Coppa Italia and the poor performance vs Milan in the quarterfinals of Champions League. The two unknowns signed in the summer (Kim and Kvaratskhelia) were the main reason behind the win together with Oshimen’s goals. The Scudetto was never in question for most of the season.

Lazio 8.5: The Biancoclesti did very well in campionato arriving second but had a poor European Cup campaign. But the Champions League was the main objective and that was reached, which is the most important thing. Lazio also beat all of the other five sisters once and Roma twice.

Inter 8: Never really in contention in campionato despite probably having the best and deepest squad, they did however reach the Champions League final for the first time in 13 years and gave City a fright.

Milan 7: Glass half empty for the Rossoneri despite a good CL though disappointing semi-final against Inter. The poor performances in January and February determined the struggle to get a CL place for next year and if it wasn’t for the ten point docking given to Juventus they would not have reached it.

Atalanta 7: Since the Bergamaschi were not involved in European cups everybody thought that they would be a force to be reckoned with in Serie A. They weren’t but at least they qualified for the Europa League.

Roma 5: They had been picked as winners by many, but parking a bus in front of the goal may win you some matches but won’t win you titles. Continuous moans from Mourinho against referees, their very poor attitude on the pitch with the men in black did not do them any favours. The more enlightened Roma fans were ashamed with the way they were playing. A lot more was expected and at the end of the day a Europa League qualification was all that they managed, no different from previous years. A good run in Europa League was spoiled by a bad attitude on the pitch in the final.

Juventus 5: The points docked must not be an excuse. They played very badly regardless if hindered by injuries.

Fiorentina 6.5: Could have been better since they did reach two finals but lost both of them due to suicidal tactics. Struggled a lot in campionato.

Bologna and Torino, 6.5: They did not do too badly in the end but they were never on course to upset any of the above.

Udinese 7: They started very well but could not keep it up. Good performance overall.

Monza 8: One of the favourites to go down, after an initial struggle they managed to find themselves and did really well. The top teams will have to be careful of Monza next year.

Sassuolo 6: Not as good as previous years.

Empoli, Salernitana and Lecce 7: Avoided relegation comfortably (or almost). Nothing more expected.

Sampdoria 6: It was one of those years when nothing worked. Bottom from the beginning to the end, or almost, they however did what they could with the little they had. Unlucky. The situation at the club did not help.

Cremonese 5.5: Never in contention to avoid relegation but lack of quality in the squad meant that not much more could be done. Good run in Coppa Italia.

Verona 6.5: Disastrous first half, much better in the second, managed only just to avoid relegation.

Spezia 5.5: The opposite of Verona but lost the decisive playoff.


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