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1971 Transfers

Updated: Jan 23

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The previous season had been disastrous and Lazio were relegated to Serie B. Problems between President Umberto Lenzini and manager Juan Carlos Lorenzo had marred the year right from the start and distracted the players. The only good thing was the winning of the Alps Cup on June 25 with acting manager Bob Lovati.


For the 1971-72 Serie B season, Lenzini had chosen a young manager, Tommaso Maestrelli, who had done very well with Foggia. As a consequence, there were major changes in the squad and some of the old guard were allowed to leave. 




Claudio Bandoni was an experienced goalkeeper who had played with Napoli and Fiorentina. An excellent choice.


Luigi Martini, midfielder, had played the last two seasons with Livorno in Serie B. Maestrelli had an eye for unknowns.


Giancarlo Oddi, defender, returned from his year on loan at Massese. He was very highly considered and would certainly find playing time this season.


Rino Gritti is a midfielder who had played for Lecco in the last couple of years. He came on loan. 




Michelangelo Sulfaro. Last year Lorenzo rotated Sulfaro with Rosario DI Vincezo in goal and this was not a good idea. Di Vincenzo stayed on as number 12 and hence Sulfaro had to go and was loaned to Fiorentina. So far he had 36 appearances with the Biancocelesti.


Bruno Chinellato is a young midfield player who made 10 appearances and one goal last season. No room for him this year so he was sold to Lecco.


Nello Governato is one of Lazio’s legends. After 263 appearances and 17 goals it was time to move on also because he was not as young as he used to be. He was sold to Savona.


Guido Magherini, midfielder, arrived on loan from Milan last year. He made 12 appearances and was sent back.


Rino Marchesi, just like Governato, had reached an age that would probably not make him as competitive as he used to be. He was sold to Prato after 151 appearances and 4 goals.


Maestrelli probably thought that Ferruccio Mazzola would not fit in his new style of play so he was sent to Fiorentina on loan. He had 106 appearances for Lazio with 14 goals.


Giancarlo Morrone is another legendary Lazio player with 269 appearances and 55 goals. He too had reached a certain age and as a consequence was sold to Foggia.


Mario Tomì, forward, made 18 appearances with one goal last season. An experienced player, he was sold to Brindisi.


Autumn transfer window


There were more player movements in the autumn transfer window with three new arrivals.


Giambattista Moschino had played for Lazio in 1962-63 (20 appearances with five goals) and returned. Maestrelli needed an experienced player at midfield and the former Verona player fit the bill perfectly.


Alessandro Abbondanza, forward, came in on loan from Napoli to give a hand up front. It is his third year on loan and has never really had a lot of playing time so far in his career.


Carlo Facchin had already asked to join Lazio last season but Lorenzo said no. He had to stay in Rome for personal reasons but did not want to stop playing football. Maestrelli this time accepted. He had had a very long career so far and won a Coppa Italia with Torino in 1968.


Goodbye or almost


Avelino Moriggi was Lazio’s third goalkeeper last season and made two appearances. He was loaned to Arezzo to get more playing time.


Arrigo Dolso was a promising midfielder but never really found his place in the squad with the exception of last season. After appearing a few times in Coppa Italia, Lazio sent him on loan to Varese. With the Biancocelesti, Dolso had made 82 appearances with seven goals.


Pierpaolo Manservisi was loaned to Napoli in exchange for the loan of Abbondanza. A necessary sacrifice according to the club and Maestrelli. He has so far appeared in 26 games with four goals.


Costantino Fava arrived in Rome in 1967 but in the last three years had been sent on loan (Perugia, Livorno and Parma). This time he left in a joint ownership deal to Prato. He had made 24 appearances with four goals.


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