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Slip sliding away victory in snow

Updated: Apr 4

Game 14, Serie A

Sunday, January 3, 1993

Stadio Del Conero, Ancona

Ancona Lazio 0-3

Lazio adapt well to difficult conditions, take the lead, weather the Ancona storm and then close game with two more late goals.

The game was played on a freezing day with temperatures below zero. The pitch was covered in snow so they had to play with an orange ball. Nowadays the game would surely be postponed. Lazio were without Paul Gascoigne and Karl-Heinz Riedle but still had by far the more technical players who had more to lose from the conditions.

They went ahead with the game as the ball could bounce (at least in some patches) but the quality was obviously affected. Ancona had a chance immediately but the "Condor" Agostini wasn't hungry and he pulled his shot wide. The game was inevitably scrappy but Lazio adapted reasonably well to the unexpected white grass.

The goal that broke the deadlock came on the half hour and was partly due to the conditions. A Diego Fuser freekick from about 27 metres out bounced in the snow just in front of Davide Micillo who fumbled the slippery ball and was beaten. The first half ended with the score Ancona 0 Lazio 1.

In the second half the snow had thawed a little and the pitch was more playable. The first 20 minutes were all Ancona's. They forced Lazio into their own half and area pushing hard for an equaliser. Ancona had a lot of pressure but no really incredible chances; lots of corners, a few Fernando Orsi saves and a shot by Marco Pecoraro into the side netting.

Lazio weathered the storm and after soaking up the Anconetani's attacks they started to threaten on the counterfoot. They had several chances and a Beppe Signori acrobatic volley disallowed for a very dubious offside. The goal eventually came six minutes from time. A fifty-fifty ball was won by Thomas Doll with a snow sliding tackle and the ball spun to Signori who, with quick thinking, brilliantly chipped the keeper from about 20 metres out. 2-0 to Lazio and considering the energy profused by Ancona, practically game over.

There was still time however for Lazio to get a third. With three minutes remaining Aron Winter, easily man of the match, headed in a Signori corner. A bit harsh on Ancona but Lazio despite the conditions had held firm and made their superior quality count.

Lazio moved up into 3rd position while Ancona looked on to a long uphill struggle to stay in Serie A.

Who played for Ancona

Micillo, Mazzarano, Lorenzini (66' Vecchiola), Pecoraro, Glonek, Bruniera, Lupo (46' Caccia), Ermini, Agostini, Détári, Sogliano

Subtitutes: Nista, Fontana, Gadda

Manager: Guerini

Who played for Lazio

Subtitutes: Fiori, Bergodi, Neri

Manager: Zoff

Referee: Chiesa

Goals: 29' Fuser, 84' Signori, 87' Winter



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