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A draw takes Lazio to second place

Updated: Apr 30

Game 9 Serie B (rematch)

Wednesday, December 11, 1968

Stadio Rigamonti, Brescia

Brescia Lazio 1-1

A good draw against a difficult team takes Lazio to second place in the 1968-69 Serie B tournament.

Brescia-Lazio should have taken place on December 1 but was suspended due to fog after just 17 minutes. The replay saw the home team take control early in the game and score almost immediately. Guido Onor put a hand to the ball in the box after just ten minutes and referee De Marchi indicated a penalty. Virginio De Paoli made no mistake and it was 1-0 for Brescia.

Brescia almost made it 2-0 a few minutes later with Ivano Bosdaves, but the Brescia player kicked the ball into the stratosphere. Lazio were finally dangerous in the 20th minute with Carlo Soldo but his shot was saved by Luigi Brotto. Claudio Turchetto’s volley three minutes later just missed the goal but from then on Lazio took control.

In the 29th minute Diego Zanetti had a chance and three minutes Lazio equalised. Brotto took too long to clear the ball and the ref gave Lazio a free kick inside Brescia’s penalty box. Ferruccio Mazzola passed the ball to Gian Piero Ghio who made it 1-1.

The second half opened with a couple of opportunities for Brescia, but it was Ghio again in the 65th minute to have a chance, but he missed. The game ended with Lazio trying to score and Brescia blocking everything that moved.

A good draw against a very physical team. Lazio was back in second place.

Who played for Brescia

Brotto, Fumagalli, Cuccureddu, Volpi, Vescovi, Busi, Simoni, Turchetto, De Paoli, Bicicli, Bosdaves.

Substitutes: E. Galli, Botti.

Manager: Silvestri.

Among the Brescia players there are a couple who stand out: Antonello Cuccureddu, right back, who will win six scudetti and a UEFA Cup with Juventus in the 70s, and Gigi Simoni, unlucky Lazio manager in the 1985-86 season in Serie B.

Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Fioravanti, Di Giovanni

Coach: Lovati

Manager: Lorenzo

Referee: De Marchi

Goals: 10’ De Paoli (pen), 32’ Ghio


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