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Claudio Ambu

Claudio Ambu was born in Milan, on August 2, 1958.

Source Lazio Wiki

His youth career was spent at Macallesi 1927 (in Milan) and then Inter.

In 1976-77 he was included in Inter's first squad under Giuseppe Chiappella. Ambu only played one league game (against Roma) and Inter finished 4th and runners-up in Coppa Italia (Milan 0-2).

In 1977 he signed for Ascoli in Serie B. The manager was Antonio Renna and the "Picchio" (The Woodpecker) won the league and promotion. Ambu was top scorer with 17 league goals. He played alongside future Lazio Giuseppe Greco.

With Ascoli in Serie A in 78-79 he played 29 league games with 3 goals (Napoli, Torino, Inter in 1-1 away draw) plus 3 games in Coppa Italia. His goalkeeper was Lazio Scudetto legend Felice Pulici. Ascoli had a good season and finished 10th (the highlight beating Juventus 1-0).

In 1979-80 Ambu returned to Inter. The manager was Eugenio Bersellini and the "Beneamata" won the Scudetto. Ambu played 13 league games with 1 goal (Avellino). One of his teammates was future Lazio, Domenico Caso.

The following season the Nerazzurri finished 4th and reached the European Cup semi-final (Real Madrid 1-2 on aggregate). Ambu played 19 league games with 3 goals (Juventus, Torino, Como).

In 1981-82 he joined Perugia in Serie B. The manager was Gustavo Giagnoni and the "Grifoni" (The Griffins) finished 15th. Ambu played 30 league games with 5 goals.

In 1982 he signed for Lazio in Serie B. The Biancocelesti came from two disappointing seasons but with the return of Bruno Giordano and Lionello Manfredonia had promotion ambitions. The manager was Roberto Clagluna. It was far from easy but the Biancocelesti conquered Serie A despite having to change managers to Juan Carlos Morrone five games from the end. Ambu contributed with 3 goals (Bari, Lecce x2) in 29 league games plus 1 goal in Coppa Italia (Salernitana) in 2 appearances. It would be his only season in Rome.

In 1983 he went back up north and joined Monza in Serie B. The Brianzoli's manager was first Guido Mazzetti (1-13) and then Alfredo Magni (14-34) and they finished 15th. Ambu played 29 league games with 6 goals (Triestina, Varese, Perugia, Campobasso x2, Cagliari). His teammates included former Lazio, Marco Saltarelli and Lorenzo Marronaro.

In 1984-85 he stayed with the Lombard Biancorossi. The manager was Magni and the "Bagai" finished 9th. Ambu played 32 league games with 8 goals (Sambenedettese x2, Taranto, Pescara x2, Cesena, Cagliari, Varese).

The 1985-86 would be his last with Monza. It ended in relegation to C1, first under Magni and then, from early January, former Lazio Paolo Carosi. Ambu played 29 league games with 3 goals (Cagliari, Cesena, Ascoli). He played alongside a very young Pierluigi Casiraghi playing for his hometown club.

In 1986 he joined Genoa in Serie B. The "Grifone" had Attilio Perotti as manager and finished 6th. Ambu played 20 league games with 4 goals (Pisa, Parma, Lazio, Bari). In the Genoa squad were former Lazio Giuseppe Greco and future Lazio Sergio Domini.

In 1987-88 he stayed with the Rossoblu under former Lazio Luigi Simoni and then, from late January, Perrotti again. The "Vecchio Balordo" (The Old Fool) finished 14th and Ambu played 18 league games with 2 goals (Sambenedettese, Messina) plus 5 games in Coppa Italia. One of his teammates was Lazio legend Gabriele Podavini, plus Andrea Agostinelli, towards the end of his career.

Ambu's last club was Frosinone, near Rome. The "Canarini" (The Canaries) were in C1 but were relegated under managers Alberto Mari and then Enzo Robotti. The following year the "Ciocari" finished 3rd in C2 under Rosario Rivellino but then went bankrupt. In 1990-91 they played at regional level and Ambu was captain. In his three years at Frosinone, Ambu played 71 league games with 12 goals.

Ambu then retired just short of his 33rd birthday.

In his youth he won 2 caps with Italy U21's with 2 goals and also played a game with the Olympic team but not at the Olympics.

He was a forward, 1.78 and 72 kilos. He was a very dynamic and quick player, often playing on the wing. This athleticism and constant movement possibly limited his goal scoring, although at Ascoli in particular he scored regularly. He showed promise at Inter, winning a Scudetto in 1980. His career then did not follow at the same high level. He scored 7 goals in Serie A and 48 in Serie B.

At Lazio he won a promotion back to Serie A. He only scored 3 goals but he opened up spaces and helped Bruno Giordano become top scorer with 18 league goals.

Lazio Career


Total appearances (goals)

Serie B

Coppa Italia


31 (4)

29 (3)

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