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Finally a win away from home

Updated: May 18

Game 24, Serie A

Sunday, April 20, 1930

Stadio Giovanni Zini, Cremona

Cremonese Lazio 1-3

Lazio come back from behind to win their first game away from home of the season

The 1929-30 Serie A Championship was the first Serie A tournament to be played using a round robin format.

Lazio had not been doing very well. At the end of the first half of the season were 13th, comfortably six points above relegation zone, but before this game Lazio were 12th but the gap had been reduced to just 3 points.

Cremonese were last. Lazio desperately needed a win.

The Biancocelesti started the game very well and in the 6th minute Piero Pastore hit the woodwork with a powerful left footed shot. A few minutes later Loris Desti parried Luigi Ziroli and Franco Rier's attempts.

In the 14th minute Cremonese scored. Luigi Cabrini dribbled past Marino Furlani and passed the ball to Bruno Foglia on the right. The winger’s cross was so perfect that all Cabrini had to do was to chest the ball into the net.

Lazio managed to equalise in the 44th minute with Leopoldo Caimmi off a corner, but a minute later there was a penalty for Cremonese. Cabrini took the spot kick, Ezio Sclavi saved.

In the second half Lazio scored twice with Pastore. In the 58th minute there was a cross in the penalty box, Desti had a second of doubt on what to do and Pastore headed the ball in. A minute later, a powerful shot from Rier was saved with difficulty by the Cremonese keeper, setting up a comfortable tap-in for Pastore who scored his double.

Game over and a breath of fresh air for Lazio

Who played for Cremonese

Desti, Pollastri, Bodini II, Mondini, Sbalzarini, Manfredi, Foglia, Dossena, Cabrini, Cavicchioli, Trovati.

Manager: Talamazzini.

Who played for Lazio

Sclavi, Tognotti, Bottacini, Pardini, Furlani, Caimmi, Foni, Ziroli, Pastore, Rier, Cevenini V

Manager: Molnar

Referee: Guarnieri

Goals: 16’ Cabrini, 44’ Caimmi, 58’ Pastore, 59’ Pastore



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