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February 6, 1955: Sampdoria Lazio 0-0

Goalless and actionless

Not a lot happened but the important thing is that the Biancocelesti took home a point

Source Lazio Wiki

The season so far

The previous season Lazio had arrived 11th. After an excellent first half of the season where the Biancocelesti were eighth but just four points off fourth place, in the second half they only earned 12 points and fell behind. Even if they sank in the table, they were never really in danger of relegation, always maintaining a comfortable cushion between themselves and the drop. Manager Mario Sperone had been sacked after 24 games, replaced by Federico Allasio.

Allasio had been confirmed and in the summer transfer window some interesting players had arrived: goalkeeper Giuseppe Zibetti (Brescia), historic Juventus defender Carlo Parola and Attilio Giovannini (Inter), midfielder Renzo Sassi (Legnano) plus forward and another Juventus legend John Hansen. Leaving Lazio were Lucidio Sentimenti IV (Vicenza) and Serafino Montanari who had decided to retire. The club sent a number of players out on loan: Roberto Lovati (just bought from Monza, was sent to Torino), Renato Spurio (Monza), Franco Carradori (Palermo) and Paolo Bettolini (Monza). Enrique Flamini left to play for Terracina.

Lazio had a terrible start to the season, In the first seven games they managed one win (against Fiorentina), a draw in the derby and the rest were losses. They were last. Allasio was sacked and the duo George Raynor-Roberto Copernico were called in to rescue the season. Raynor had done very well as head coach for Sweden and the previous year he had, briefly, managed Juventus.

With the new coaches the situation had improved a little bit. They were now 16th, third from last. This year in Serie A, two teams would be relegated to Serie B.

The match: Sunday February 6, 1955, Stadio Luigi Ferraris, Genoa

The previous week, Sampdoria had crushed Juventus 5-1 playing spectacularly so the home fans expected more or less the same level of enjoyment. It was instead an afternoon of yawning. Lazio were very technical but lacked a player who could throw himself in the box to conclude towards goal. Sampdoria had those players, but lacked the playing organisation. As a consequence, boredom prevailed.

In the 29th minute there was a foray into the penalty box by Umberto Rosa but he was fouled from behind by Attilio Giovannini. It should have been a penalty, but the theatrics performed by the Sampdoria player gave the referee the impression that there was no foul, so no penalty. The Biancocelesti played well but wasted all the good moves once they arrived towards the limit of the penalty area.

In the second half Lazio disappeared and in the 54th minute Sampdoria had a chance. Francesco Antonazzi slipped and lost the ball. This allowed Mario Tortul and Giuseppe Baldini to race towards the goal with only Giovannini left to defend. They both quickly reached the box but once inside they slowed down, allowing Vittorio Sentimenti V to race back and clear.

Then nothing more until two minutes from the end when Tortul got sent off for a pointless dangerous foul on Lofgren.

A waste of time and money for the poor spectators.

Who played for Sampdoria


Pin, Farina, Agostinelli, Mari, Bernasconi, Chiappin, Conti, Ronzon, Tortul, Rosa, Baldini.

Manager: Tabanelli.

Who played for Lazio

Manager: Raynor.

TD: Copernico.


Referee: Guarnaschelli


What happened next

In the second half of the season Lazio improved considerably. They beat Juventus, won the derby, and slowly started to climb up the ladder. With four games to the end of the season they had a six-point cushion over 17th place and in the end arrived 12th. A miracle considering that after nine games they were last on three points. A big hand came from Zibetti who was really miraculous at times, and John Hansen. His 15 goals were fundamental.

The players with most appearances this season were Burini, Sentimenti V and Giovannini with 31.

Lazio 1954-55






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Top five appearances


Serie A

Sentimenti V










Top five goal scorers


Serie A











Let's talk about Giuseppe Zibetti

Giuseppe Zibetti is second from left standing. Source Wikipedia

Giuseppe Zibetti was born on January 17, 1920, in Caravaggio near Bergamo. He started playing football locally but soon moved to Atalanta, in 1938, where he debuted in Serie A on December 8, 1940 in a 1-1 draw in Florence. At the end of the season he was not confirmed so in 1941 he began from Serie C again, with Lecco. He stayed seven years playing mainly in Serie C and in 1948 signed for Crema again in the third tier. In 1950 he moved to Brescia in Serie B and played for four years.

In 1954 Lazio were looking for a goalkeeper to replace Lucidio Sentimenti IV. Aldo De Fazio was the chosen one but they wanted an experienced goalkeeper to act as number 12. De Fazio got injured so Zibetti played the majority of the games for the 1954-55 season. He was nicknamed “grandfather” (nonno) because he was 35 years of age at the time. Despite an excellent season, Zibetti did not stay, as Lazio had decided to choose Bob Lovati as a new number 1.

In 1955 he went back to Lecco in Serie C and then ended his career in the fourth tier with Cuneo and Pro Palazzolo. He also played a few months for Fiorenzuola in the amateur championship.

Once he stopped playing he became a manager and was head coach in the lower tiers.

He died on May 15 2008 in Caravaggio.

Lazio Career


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