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Force 3 Lazio

Season 1922-23

Game 3, National Championship, South Division, Interregional Semi-Final Group B

Sunday, May 20, 1923

Campo San Lorenzo, Bari

Ideale Bari Lazio 0-3

The Biancocelesti sweep away Ideale Bari and go top

Source SS Lazio Museum

Lazio had qualified for the semi-finals of the South Division. The qualifiers were divided into two groups of four. The Biancocelesti were paired with Ideale Bari, Libertas Palermo and Internaples. They started off very well winning the first two games, 4-0 against Internaples at home, and 3-2 away at Palermo. But Ideale Bari had also won their first two games. The match at Bari was fundamental.

A lot was at stake and the two teams studied each other for the majority of the first half. Nothing really happened until the 40th minute. Pio Maneschi passed the ball to Fulvio Bernardini who, just outside the box, took a powerful shot at goal. 1-0 for Lazio.

In the second half, the Biancocelesti made sure Ideale could make no attempt to try anything and in the 67th minute Aldo Fraschetti sent a wonderful pass to the centre of the box and Bernardini scored his double.

In the last minute of the game Lazio made it three. Luigi Saraceni’s powerful whack from outside the Ideale penalty box first bounced off Bernardini and then a Bari defender and went into the back of the net.

Great win for Lazio, now top of the table.

Who played for Ideale Bari

Sebastiani, Lomienti, Turchiarulo, Alboreto, Vacca, Piscopo, Ugenti (IV), Maselli, Guidobaldi, Solfrizi, Geruzzi.

Who played for Lazio

Agazzani, Saraceni I, Dosio, Nesi, Parboni, Orazi I, Fraschetti, Filippi, Bernardini, Maneschi, Saraceni II

Manager: Baccani

Referee: Alfieri

Goals: 40’ Bernardini, 67’ Bernardini, 89’ Saraceni II



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