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The first silverware: Coppa Italia

Updated: Apr 1

Coppa Italia Final

Wednesday, September 24, 1958

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Lazio Fiorentina 1-0

The Biancocelesti beat Fiorentina thanks to Prini and lift the first trophy of their history

Source Wikipedia

Lazio started the match very well. In the 5th minute Ugo Pozzan was fouled just outside the box. Humberto Tozzi took the free kick and his shot was only just wide. In the 7th minute, a big opportunity for Fiorentina. Umberto Pinardi headed the ball back instead of forward, Kurt Hamrin and Miguel Montuori both went for the ball at the same time with Franco Janich just looking on. In the end it was Montuori who got the shot but it went wide. Same result for a free kick inside the penalty box that Franco Carradori put wide. Bob Lovati saved a Montuori shot in the 17th minute and immediately after was brave and fast in anticipating Hamrin.

In the 22nd minute free kick for Lazio. Carradori took the shot, Giuliano Sarti fumbled but was quicker than Tozzi and stopped the Brazilian’s possible tap-in. In the 28th minute Francisco Lojacono reacted to a brutal foul by Carradori. The referee sent both players off. A minute later Tozzi found himself in front of Sarti all alone following a splendid assist from Carlo Tagnin, but he shot wide. An incredible miss. But in the 30th minute Lazio scored. Free kick for Lazio, Pozzan crossed and Maurilio Prini headed the ball in.

After a Tozzi attempt at a shot when he could have passed to Egidio Fumagalli or Prini, in the 36th minute Hamrin to Guido Gratton but his volley went too high. Before the end of the first half Hamrin had another chance but again his shot was wide.

In the second half Lazio fell back a bit and Fiorentina pushed forward more decisively but the Biancocelesti were dangerous on the counter attack.

In the 55th minute Lovati made a great save on a Hamrin shot. Lazio had a number of opportunities to score but both Tozzi and Claudio Bizzarri could not find the goalmouth. A Tozzi-Prini one-two allowed the latter to shoot but Sarti neutralised. In the 60th minute Tozzi again had a chance after a magnificent pass from Bizzarri but the Fiorentina goalkeeper made a great save.

Fiorentina on the other hand missed Lojacono terribly and could not find the right key to open the Lazio defence. But in the 89th minute the Viola had the biggest chance to equalise. Montuori ran past Pinardi and into the box. But Pinardi managed to get to the ball first (and injure himself ) so that Lovati could avoid any danger.

Lazio won their first historic silverware and captain Bob Lovati was given the cup. A marvellous achievement seeing that they were certainly not the strongest team. Manager Fulvio Bernardini was finally able to win something with the team of his youth.

Who played for Lazio

Substitute: Giglietti

Manager: Bernardini

Who played for Fiorentina

Sarti, Robotti, Castelletti, Chiappella, Cervato, Segato, Hamrin, Lojacono, Montuori, Gratton, Morosi.

Manager: Czeizler.

Referee: Marchese

Goal: 30’ Prini

Source Wikipedia



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