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Lazio demolish Fortitudo

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Game 16, National Championship, Lazio Group

Sunday, April 2, 1922

Campo della Rondinella, Rome

Lazio Fortitudo 5-2

A Saraceni hat trick sweeps away Fortitudo. Other goals came from Furia and Bernardini

Source Wikipedia

There were nine teams in the Lazio group and the Biancocelesti were not doing well. They were fourth and far behind the leaders Fortitudo. Today’s game, which should have been the last match of the National Championship but Lazio had two games in hand, would have no impact on the final table whatever the score.

The match was played mainly at midfield and there Lazio was far stronger than their opponents. The Biancocelesti scored in the 13th minute with a great goal from Giuseppe Furia following a free kick. Four minutes later Lazio made it two. Huge scrum in front of the Fortitudo goal and Luigi Saraceni II was quick in sending the ball in the back of the net. In the 26th minute the Biancocelesti scored again with Saraceni with a tap in after a Vittori save. By the end of the first half Fulvio Bernardini had made it 4-0.

In the 67th minute Saraceni advanced towards the penalty box and once he was in he was fouled by a Fortitudo player. It should have been penalty, but the Lazio forward got up, dribbled another defender, and scored his hat trick.

At this point the Biancocelesti called it a day and Fernando Canestrelli scored two goals, the first on a penalty, to lessen the humiliation.

A good win for Lazio who demonstrated what they could have done during the season if they had been more focused.

Who played for Lazio

Salineri, Saraceni I, Dosio, Faccani, Parboni, Orazi I, Saraceni II, Filippi, Ottier, Bernardini, Furia

Manager: Baccani

Who played for Fortitudo

Vittori, Lommi, Ferraris, Sansoni II, Ferraris IV, Sansoni III, Sansoni IV, Bramante, Bianchi, Alessandroni, Canestrelli.

Goals: 13’ Furia, 17’ Saraceni II, 26’ Saraceni II, 40’ Bernardini, 67’ Saraceni II, (minute of goal not known) Canestrelli (pen), 70’ Canestrelli.


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