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Updated: Apr 4

Game 13, Serie A

Sunday, December 13, 1992

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Lazio Inter 3-1

An impressive Lazio crush Inter with goals from Fuser, Winter and Signori

Official SS Lazio photo

The Biancocelesti pushed hard on the accelerator right from the word go. In the 5th minute Doll crossed from the right, fantastic header from Karl-Heinz Riedle, great save from Beniamino Abate. Lazio continued to press and Inter were never dangerous. In the 34th minute massive whack on a free kick from Diego Fuser, Abate parried as he did three minutes later on a Riedle shot off a Fuser cross. In the 39th a Beppe Signori-Thomas Doll-Riedle play allowed the German to be completely alone in front of the Inter goalkeeper but his shot was saved.


In the 60th minute Lazio scored. Free kick, Fuser tried a curved shot, Biancocelesti ahead. Four minutes later Beppe Favalli shot from outside the box, Abate saved into corner. Inter’s first attempt at goal in the entire match arrived in the 67th minute with Igor Shalimov, Nando Orsi saved comfortably. In the 73rd minute Lazio made it two. Signori to Fuser on the right, cross into the box, Aron Winter anticipated the goalkeeper and it was 2-0 for the Biancocelesti.


Lazio took a breather and Inter reduced the deficit. In the 76th minute Shalimov crossed into the box, Darko Pancev headed towards Matthias Sammer who with another header sent the ball to the center. Davide Fontolan, unmarked, headed the ball in. In the 84th minute Signori show. Like lightening he flew past Beppe Bergomi and Nicola Berti, and once in the box beat Abate on the far post. Even Ruben Sosa in the stands was impressed. Great victory, a marvellous demonstration of power.

Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Roma, Bergodi, Neri

Manager: Zoff

Who played for Inter

Abate, Bergomi, De Agostini, Berti, Ferri, Battistini, Bianchi, Shalimov, Pancev, Sammer, Fontolan

Substitutes: Fortin, Paganin, Tramezzani, Orlando, Manicone

Manager: Bagnoli

Referee: Cesari

Goals: 60' Fuser, 73' Winter, 76' Fontolan, 84' Signori



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