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Great match

Game 1, National Championship, South Division, Interregional Semi-Final Group B

Sunday, May 6, 1923

Campo della Rondinella, Rome

Lazio Internaples 4-0

Lazio played a great game and were much better than their opponents on every inch of the pitch.

Source Lazio Wiki

Lazio had topped the Lazio regional group by winning 8 games, drawing one and losing one against US Romana. Alba were the other team to qualify for the semi-final groups. The Biancocelesti were then paired with Ideale Bari, Libertas Palermo and Internaples. Today’s game was the first match of the Southern Division Group.


The match


Lazio played a great match and were much better than their opponents on every inch of the pitch. Far superior quality in the players especially Fulvio Bernardini, Dante FIlippi and Augusto Parboni. The Biancocelesti’s first goal arrived in the 45th minute. A perfect assist from Augusto Faccani allowed Filippi to score. A big scare arrived 30 seconds after when a Pino Ghisi III – Osvaldo Sacchi one-two allowed the former to score, but he was in offside. In the second half, after a rather monotonous first 25 minutes, Lazio scored another three. The first, by Pio Maneschi on a Bernardini assist came in the 70th minute, then Bernardini scored a brace. His first goal came in the 71st minute following an Aldo Fraschetti cross, his second in the 79th when Alessandro Varini crossed in the box, Guido Cavalli tried to clear but gave the ball to the Lazio star who made it four.


In the other match, Ideale won 2-0 because Libertas Palermo did not turn up.


Who played for Lazio


Agazzani, Saraceni I, Dosio, Orazi I, Faccani, Parboni, Fraschetti, Filippi, Bernardini, Maneschi, Varini

Manager: Baccani


Who played for Internaples


Cavalli, Minter, Steiger, Cafaggi, Fiori, Jaquinto, Bruschini (III), Fariello, Ghisi (II), Valente, Sacchi


Referee: Iderani


Goals: 45’ Filippi, 70’ Faccani, 71’ Bernardini, 79’ Bernardini




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