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Everything is still possible

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Southern Division FInal, First Leg

Sunday, June 24, 1923

Campo Oncino, Torre Annunziata

Savoia Lazio 3-3

Lazio draw against Savoia in the first leg of the Southern Division Final. The Biancocelesti can still reach the National final.

Source Lazio Wiki

In the semifinal group Lazio were paired with Ideale Bari, Libertas Palermo and Internaples. The Biancocelesti topped their group and won every game (including beating Libertas Palermo 10-2 and Ideale Bari 6-0).

In the Southern final Lazio had to play Savoia. It was going to be a difficult game for Lazio in a very hostile environment. Many Lazio supporters were present to help the team.

Savoia opened the hostilities almost immediately in the 7th minute. Ernesto Ghisi managed to head the ball and beat Remo Alessandri. But Lazio first scored the equaliser with a Giuseppe Lobianco own goal five minutes later and then went ahead in the 18th minute thanks to another own goal, this time by Salvatore Ranghino (it may have been Giovanni Nebbia according to Wikipedia). In the 29th minute Savoia equalised thanks to Capra.

The second half was relatively calm until Fulvio Bernardini broke the stalemate with a massive shot from thirty metres that beat Vittorio Pelvi in the 72nd minute. Four minutes to the end of the game Ghisi got his double again through a header from a Capra cross. In the dying seconds of the match Pio Maneschi could have put Lazio ahead but his shot went just wide.

The game finished 3-3 and there were violent clashes between fans.

Who played for Savoia

Pelvi, Nebbia, Lobianco, Della Croce, Ranghino, Cassese, Tieghi, Ghisi I, Bobbio, Parodi, Capra

Manager: Di Giorgio

Who played for Lazio

Alessandri, Saraceni I, Dosio, Faccani, Parboni, Orazi I, Fraschetti, Filippi, Bernardini, Maneschi, Saraceni II

Manager: Baccani

Referee: Bistoletti

Goals: 7’ Ghisi I, 12’ Lobianco (og), 18’ Ranghino (og), 29’ Capra, 72 Bernardini, 86’ Ghisi I



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