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The Piola factor punishes Juventus

Updated: May 28

Game 7, Serie A

Sunday, November 1, 1936

Stadio PNF, Rome

Lazio Juventus 1-0

An entertaining and balanced game is decided by Lazio's star striker

Source Lazio Wiki

So far this season Lazio had played six games. The Biancocelesti had started well beating Milan 3-0, then they lost 1-4 at Genova 1893, beat Triestina 2-1, drew 1-1 with Bologna, beat Fiorentina 2-1 and then lost the derby 1-3. So won 3, drawn 1 and lost 2, an up and down start giving them 7 points in the table.

No clear favourites today. Lazio playing at home and two points ahead but it was early days and Juventus were always dangerous.

The match

A grey November day only attracted 12,000 spectators to the Flaminio area of Rome for today's match.

Lazio were without defender Luigi Milano while the visitors had no absences.

The game was evenly balanced from the word go but Juventus attacked more.

In the 3rd minute Menti got away from Benedicto Zacconi but then hesitated and lost the moment. In the 4th minute the referee awarded Juventus a freekick from the edge of the box for a foul by Alfredo Monza. Felice Borel took it but it then came off Gabetto and hit the post. The Lazio keeper Giacomo Blason then saved two dangerous shots by Giacomo Neri.

In the 20th minute Lazio had a cracking shot by Silvio Piola go just wide and a few minutes later Bruno Camolese was tackled just before getting in a close-range shot. On the subsequent corner Giovanni Riccardi's header went close.

Then it was Juventus' turn to threaten again. Blason had to save from Cinzio Scagliotti and was then miraculous on a one-on-one with Guglielmo Gabetto. In the 38th minute Teobaldo Depetrini sent a shot onto the Parioli hill behind the stadium.

In the 39th minute Lazio scored on the break. The Juventus keeper came out to challenge Umberto Busani who pulled the ball back to Piola who bicycle kicked it to give Lazio the lead. Lazio 1 Juventus 0.

Juventus had a last chance in the 45th minute to equalise but Neri was stopped by a last-ditch Monza tackle in front of goal. Half time Lazio 1 Juventus 0.

An even contest so far with Piola making the difference.

The second half continued to see both teams have chances. In the 48th minute Giuseppe Baldo shot high for Lazio. In the 51st, following a series of corners, Gabetto got a header in but Blason saved. Juventus insisted with a powerful Giacomo Neri strike but Blason was safe. Lazio then reacted but Ugo Amoretti punched away the danger and then in the 55th minute saved from a thundering Riccardi shot.

The game was end to end with potential or near chances for both sides. The next big opportunity was for Juventus in the 59th minute when Gabetto headed towards the corner of the goal but Blason with feline qualities dived and with the tips of his fingers kept the ball out.

Lazio then had four consecutive chances; a Riccardi shot saved in the 63rd minute, a Piola header saved in the 65th, a lucky save by Amoretti on Busani in the 68th and another save on Busani in the 69th.

At this point Juventus attacked constantly but Lazio were still active on the counter attack. In the 83rd minute Piola tried his luck from an unlikely angle and Amoretti saved.

Juventus piled on the pressure in the final minutes but Lazio stood firm and conquered an important and prestigious victory. Final score Lazio 1 Juventus 0.

An exciting game full of goal scoring opportunities. For the neutral observers a draw would possibly have been a fairer result but Lazio had Silvio Piola in their team and this was more often than not an important detail.

Who played for Lazio

Manager: Viola

Who played for Juventus

Amoretti, Foni, Rava, Depetrini, Monti, Varglien II, Neri, Borel II, Gabetto, Scagliotti, Menti I

Manager: Rosetta

Referee: Bevilacqua

Goals: 39' Piola



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