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Not a classic but Lazio deserved more

Game 15, Serie A

Sunday, January 29, 1989

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Lazio Juventus 0-0

The game came alive in the second half but Tacconi denied Lazio a winner

The weather was spring like and a good 50,000 crowd came to the Olimpico, for what was always a big game against Juventus. The Bianconeri had good away support too as Rome is a convenient and popular fixture for the many Juventini in southern Italy.


The first half was extremely blocked and played mainly in midfield. Lazio however attacked more albeit without any massive chances. The Biancocelesti had a penalty appeal for handball on a Gabriele Pin cross waved away and then Pin had a free kick from the edge of the box go just wide. Juventus had one chance when, on an Antonio Cabrini's cross, Luigi De Agostini had a diving header but it was too central, low and comfortably saved by Silvano Martina. That was all that happened in a dull first half. Lazio 0 Juventus 0.


The second half saw Lazio more dominant. They pegged Juventus back for long periods and looked by far the more likely to score. First Pin was fed on the right of the area and he squared a ball to Raimondo Marino who fired it over the bar from a favourable position. Then Paolo Di Canio jiggled his way into the area on the right and crossed for an unmarked Antonio Rizzolo but his acrobatic volley hit the ground, bounced up and Tacconi saved. Ruben Sosa then hit the post, his deflected cross hit the woodwork but had it come straight across Di Canio and Rizzolo were ready to score. Tacconi then made a superb save on a thundering long range shot by Di Canio, tipping the ball over the bar.


Lazio after their constant efforts to score started to tire and Juventus started to find some space on the break. Rui Barros ran forward centrally from midfield and having reached the edge of the box fired a powerful mid-height shot that Martina parried.


Lazio however still tried to win it. Marino tried a low through ball but it was intercepted by Marocchi who lunged back and inadvertently set up Andrea Icardi, the midfielder hammered a low shot but Tacconi pulled off another excellent save into corner.


Juventus then had a penalty appeal of their own. In the 83rd minute a risky high back pass by Marino was pounced on by Renato Buso who was challenged by Angelo Gregucci, protecting the bouncing ball waiting for Martina to come out and claim it. The goalkeeper hesitated and Buso got in front of Gregucci and then collapsed. It was a difficult call, not an obvious penalty but maybe something in it, the referee however saw no foul by Gregucci apart from minor obstruction and played on.


Lazio had tried to win it and failed while Juventus had their penalty call ignored and so the game petered out. Final score Lazio 0 Juventus 0.


A boring first half followed by a livelier second in which Lazio had deserved more but were denied by Zoff's heir, Stefano Tacconi.


A comforting performance by the Biancocelesti who had given everything they could to get a prestigious win while Juventus confirmed to be in a transitional period between past and future triumphs.


Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Fiori, Muro, Greco, Dezotti

Manager: Materazzi


Who played for Juventus

Tacconi, Favero, Cabrini, De Agostini, Brio, Tricella, Galia, Rui Barros, Altobelli (63' Buso), Zavarov, Marocchi

Substitutes: Bodini, N.Napoli, Magrin, Laudrup

Manager: Zoff


Referee: Magni



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