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Great Lazio beats Juventus Audax

Updated: May 13

Game 2, National Championship, Lazio Group

Sunday, November 30

Stadio della Rondinella, Rome

Lazio Juventus Audax 2-0

A goal in each half and a strong defence showed the superiority of Lazio over the other Rome based team Juventus Audax.

Source SS Lazio Museum

In the first match of the season Lazio had drawm away against Pro Roma.

The game with Juventus Audax was the second and the Biancocelesti were way too superior for Juventus Audax. The chronicles of the day indicate that the variety of Lazio’s game was far too much for the other Rome-based team. In the 18th minute Giuseppe Fioranti took a fierce shot on goal, the goalkeeper did what he could but Marcello Consiglio then volleyed it in. Juventus Audax attempted some attacks but Lazio’s defence was far too strong.

In the second half some of the players changed role (no substitutions were possible at that time) and Lazio improved both defensively and in attack. There was a free kick at the 72nd minute and Maranghi made it 2-0.

Who played for Lazio

Bernardini, Maranghi, Saraceni I, Orazi I, Faccani, Zucchi II, Varini, Raffo, Consiglio, Fioranti, Cella I

Manager: Baccani

Who played for Juventus Audax

Pace, Maraviglia, Cavalli (II), Bruno, Berti (I), Muzzioli, Logli, Santinali, Beniamini, Scioscia, Unknown

Referee: Caroncino

Goals: 18’ Consiglio, 72’ Maranghi



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