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Updated: Jul 6

Season 1920-21

Game 5, National Championship, Lazio Group

Sunday, January 9, 1921

Campo della Rondinella, Rome

Lazio Roman 6-0

Lazio destroy Roman thanks to Fioranti, Cella, Raffo and Giubertoni

Source SS Lazio Museum

So far in the National Championship Lazio had played four games winning all four.

Today’s opponent Roman was one of the Rome based teams that later merged with Alba Audace and Fortitudo Pro Roma to form AS Roma in 1927. When Roma was formed, they chose the Yellow and Red colours of Roman.

The game was very intense right from the start and the two teams attacked continuously with the goalkeepers, Fulvio Bernardini and Grassi, forced to make several brilliant saves. In the 21st minute Lazio scored. Giuseppe Fioranti’s volley gave the Biancocelesti the lead. Four minutes later Alfredo Cella scored Lazio’s second with a header off an Alessandro Varini cross. Towards the end of the first half Fioranti scored his brace.

Despite the 3-0, the Biancocelesti in the second half continued to put their foot on the accelerator and the match became a siege on the poor fort of Roman. Grassi did everything he could but had to capitulate twice on two shots by Mario Raffo in the 57th and 64th minutes. In the 77th Giubertoni scored Lazio’s sixth.

Another great win for the Biancocelesti.

Who played for Lazio

Bernardini, Saraceni I, Maranghi, Faccani, Maneschi, Orazi I, Cella, Fioranti, Raffo, Giubertoni, Varini

Manager: Baccani

Who played for Roman

Grassi, Cerruti, Pannella, Meda, De Giuli (I), Bechis, Parmegiani, Donati, Meille, De Giuli (II), Del Duca


Referee: Unknown


Goals: 21’ Fioranti, 25’ Cella, 43’ Fioranti, 57’ Raffo, 64’ Raffo, 77’ Giubertoni



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