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Spectacular first half

Game 26, Serie A

Sunday, March 28, 1943

Stadio PNF, Rome

Lazio Milano 4-2

Six goals all in the first half, give Lazio prestigious victory

Source Lazio Wiki

Lazio did not have a lot of ambition for this season and the objective was to stay out of trouble and this is exactly what happened. They were currently 10th with a good cushion over the relegation zone. After today’s game there were only four games left until the end of the season.

The match

The first half was a turmoil of emotions. In the 4th minute Aldo Boffi scored with a marvellous curled shot on a free kick giving Milano the 1-0. Immediately after Salvatore Gualtieri was unlucky and hit the woodwork. Then Walter Del Medico almost made it two but Uber Gradella managed to parry his shot into corner.

In the 15th minute Lazio equalised. Corner, cross into the box, Silvio Piola headed the ball in. Eight minutes later, a handball by Enrico Boniforti and penalty to the Biancocelesti. Piola took the spot kick and gave Lazio the lead. In the 29th minute there was a free kick for the Biancocelesti ten metres from the edge of the box. Gualtieri took it and it was Lazio 3 Milano 1.

The Lombards managed to reduce the deficit a minute later. Edoardo Valenti fouled Del Medico in the box and Boniforti scored the penalty. But the double lead was re-established in the 40th minute. Great pass from Piola to Lorenzo Borici and Lazio 4 Milano 2.

After this rather intense first half, the teams did not have much else in the tank for the second 45 minutes. Piola suffered an injury in the 48th minute so the Biancocelesti decided to play safe and erect a wall in front of the defence. Milano did try to break it down, but failed.

Another prestigious win for the Biancocelesti this season.

Who played for Lazio


Manager: Popovic

Who played for Milano

Rossetti, Toppan, Galimberti, Antonini, Boniforti II, Gallo, Boffi, Bonomi, Cappello IV, Granata, Del Medico

Manager: Magnozzi


Referee: Scotto


Goals: 4’ Boffi, 17’ Piola, 25’ Piola (pen), 29’ Gualtieri, 30’ Boniforti II (pen), 40’ Borici




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