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A Manola brace and Gradella saves give Lazio the win

Updated: Jun 20

Game 16, Serie A

Sunday, January 17, 1943

Stadio PNF, Rome

Lazio Triestina 3-1

Two goals by the Yugoslav and one by Argentine Flamini are well protected by the Italian keeper

Source SS Lazio Museum

So far Lazio had just completed the first round of 15 fixtures, so had played every team. They were on 16 points.


The match

A pleasant, sunny January afternoon brought about 19,000 spectators to the small stadium in the Flaminio area of north Rome.


The game came to life immediately with both teams with attacking intentions. Lazio attacked more and took the lead in the 23rd minute. Silvestro Pisa found Silvio Piola who, despite being watched closely by the visitors’ defence, managed to find space to get a shot which Guerrino Striuli saved but only as far as Petar Manola who scored. Lazio 1 Triestina 0.


Triestina barely had time to regroup before Lazio scored again in the 28th minute. The goal again came from a Piola shot saved by Striuli and the ball then reached Enrique Flamini about 20 metres out who blasted an unstoppable shot past the Giuliano keeper. Lazio 2 Triestina 0. The score line remained the same at halftime.


A hard-fought first half but Lazio had taken their chances and had a reassuring lead.


In the second half Triestina attacked with more conviction and Uber Gradella was forced to make several saves. The goalkeeper was on top form and when he was beaten, such as in the 72nd minute, Italo Romagnoli headed off the line.


In the 73rd minute however Triestina pulled one back. On a corner, Lodovico Defilippis scored from close range. A deserved goal for the visitors who were back in the game. Lazio 2, Triestina 1.


The game became end to end with both sides threatening. It was Lazio who scored first, definitely putting the contest out of the Alabardati's reach. In the 78th minute it was Manola, with his second of the afternoon, who clinched the game for the Biancocelesti. Lazio 3 Triestina 1.


A good win for Lazio in an evenly balanced game. The newspapers of the time claimed Triestina had played a lot better today than a week earlier when they had beaten Roma. The Roma keeper Giacomo Blason had made no saves but conceded two goals while today Gradella had been kept very busy.


It was Lazio however who had scored the three goals and moved 7 points above today's rivals and 6 above Roma who had lost 0-3 in Florence.


Who played for Lazio

Manager: Popovic


Who played for Triestina

Striuli, Sacchetti, Ballarin, Salar, Rancilio, Radio, Defilippis, Sessa, Cergoli, Tosolini, Tagliasacchi

Manager: Villini


Referee: Gamba

Goals: 21' Manola, 71' Flamini. 73' Defilippis, 78' Manola.




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