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Updated: Apr 4

Game 33, Serie A

Sunday, May 30, 1993

Stadio Olimpico

Lazio Napoli 4-3

Lazio qualfies for the UEFA Cup for the first time in 16 years

After 4 minutes Lazio were already 2-0 up. In the first minute, freekick for the Biancocelesti. Beppe Signori crossed inside the box and Karl-Heinz Riedle headed it in. Three minutes later Giovanni Stoppa crossed from the left, again the German scored with another header. All finished? No, because Lazio started to let their guard down and Napoli reduced the deficit in the 11th minute. Gianfranco Zola did what he did best: splendid curved free kick. Nothing Nando Orsi could do.


The Biancocelesti went back to business and pressed Napoli for a third. After a blatant penalty ignored by the ref, in the 41st minute Riedle was again fouled in the box and this time Cardona awarded the penalty. Signori made it 3-1.


Second half downhill? No, because Giovanni Francini in the 47th minute made it 3-2. Four minutes later Beppe Favalli from the left sent a marvellous ball in the box and Aron Winter headed the ball home.


But the Biancoclesti were feeling suicidal. In the 61st minute Careca was fouled in the box and Zola reduced the deficit once more. Panic set in among the entire Lazio environment, but they were able to win thanks to Francini being sent off in the 68th minute and Zola having to leave the pitch through injury, leaving Napoli in 9 men, in the 84th.


A long awaited for UEFA Cup qualification. Lazio had not played in Europe since losing 6-0 in extra time at Lens on November 2, 1977. A first feather in the cap for Sergio Cragnotti.

Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Fiori, Bergodi, Marcolin, Neri

Manager: Zoff

Who played for Napoli

G.Galli, Ferrara, Francini, Crippa, Corradini, Nela, A.Carbone, Altomare, Careca, Zola, Policano (34' Fonseca, 45' G.Bresciani)

Substitutes: Sansonetti, Tarantino, De Rosa.

Manager: O.Bianchi

Referee: Cardona

Goals: 1' Riedle, 4' Riedle, 11 Zola, 41' Signori (pen), 47' Francini, 51' Winter, 61' Zola (pen)



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