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All square, even Giordano vs Rossi

1979-80 Season

Game 4, Serie A

Sunday, October 7, 1979

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Lazio Perugia 1-1

A fair draw as Bruno-gol answers future Pablito's penalty

Source Lazio Wiki

It was a hot "Ottobrata" in Rome, the famously sunny October days in Rome. The game against the previous season's sensation Perugia attracted a 50,000 crowd.

The game was entertaining and non-tactical from the start. Both teams had chances to go in front. Perugia had a Paolo Rossi header go over the bar and another saved into corner by Massimo Cacciatori while Lazio went even closer when a Perugia defender sliced a ball onto his own post and then Bruno Giordano headed the close-range header high.

The score line changed in the 40th minute. Perugia set off on a counter attack and the ball reached future "Pablito", on the left side inside the box, pushed the ball towards the by-line but was fouled by Lionello Manfredonia. A penalty which Rossi took and scored, wrong footing Cacciatori with a low shot to the right. Lazio 0 Perugia 1.

Halftime came with the Umbri ahead but it had been an extremely even sided game.

The second half was equally balanced but Lazio attacked more looking to avoid defeat. In the 61st minute a piece of Giordano magic gave them what they needed. He took a throw-in and about 30 metres out and, after receiving the ball back, cut in towards the area from the right, stopped and then let off a powerful right-footed strike which sneaked in on Nello Malizia's near post. The keeper may also have been deceived by Fernando Viola, impairing his view. Lazio 1 Perugia 1.

The game could still have gone either way with more chances. The two goalkeepers were safe and shooting imprecise so in the end both sides had to settle for a draw. Final score Lazio 1 Perugia 1.

A fair result in the end. Lazio played well and held their own against highly rated opposition. Perugia had earned an away point and extended their unbeaten run to 35 games. The duel between Giordano and Rossi had been won by the Roman, at least on points, as he had played better and been more dangerous.

Ticket owned by Dag Jenkins, photo by Dag Jenkins

Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Avagliano, A. Lopez, Todesco

Manager: Lovati

Who played for Perugia

Malizia, Nappi, Ceccarini, Frosio, Della Martira, Dal Fiume, Goretti, Butti (74' Tacconi), Rossi, Casarsa, Bagni

Substitutes: Mancini, Calloni

Manager: Castagner

Referee: Bergamo

Goals: 41' Rossi (pen.), 61' Giordano



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