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Lazio celebrate promotion with fans but shatter Reggiana's dream

Updated: Apr 30

Game 38, Serie B

Sunday, June 22, 1969

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Lazio Reggiana 1-1

An entertaining games ends 1-1, fine for Lazio in party mood, but fatal for Reggiana

Source Lazio Wiki

It was a scorching late June day in Rome but 60,000 Lazio fans wanted to celebrate in style.

In the stands thousands of flags and various brass bands set the tone for the winner's parade. The president Umberto Lenzini and the players then came out before the kick-off and threw flowers to the crowd. All very nice and fun but there was still a game to be played.

Lazio were without Giuliano Fortunato suspended while Reggiana played with their best possible XI. The early stages were extremely balanced, both teams making it clear they wanted to win. The first 25 minutes were a battle in midfield, then the scoring opportunities came.

In the 26th minute a Giuseppe Massa-Gian Piero Ghio combination put Massa in front of goal but Lamberto Boranga saved his close range effort. Ghio then had a shot go wide before Reggiana had chances of their own with a Sileno Passalacqua strike, brilliantly saved by Rosario Di Vincenzo, and a Giovanbattista Pienti shot just over the bar.

Just before halftime Lazio took the lead. Nello Governato passed to Giancarlo "El Gaucho" Morrone who surged into the box, the ball then arrived to Massa whose powerful left foot beat Boranga. Lazio 1 Reggiana 0.

The break came with Lazio in front after an evenly matched 45 minutes. Brescia were winning 1-0 but Bari still drawing 0-0, so still some hope for Reggiana.

In the second half the game remained entertaining. Ghio hit the side netting with a shot then Pienti answered with an effort saved by De Vincenzo.

In the 49th minute the visitors equalised. Bruno Giorgi put in a long cross from the left, Giovanni Fanello headed it to Pienti who with another header scored. The "Granata" were on a high but Lazio soon reacted, this was their party.

Lazio took control of the game and had several chances; Morrone high, Ferruccio Mazzola II just wide, Massa blocked by a defender at the very last moment, Governato deflected into corner and Mazzola well saved all went close. In the last seconds both teams could have stolen it, first Mazzola had a shot go wide by a whisker and then Pienti forced De Vincenzo to make a superb save. Final score Lazio 1 Reggiana 1.

There followed the traditional pitch invasion by the fans to thank their heroes and conquer a pair of shorts, a sock or a piece of a jersey.

The celebrations went on into the night with "caroselli" (Carousels but literally cars honking horns and waving flags). The fans gathered in central Piazza del Popolo to party on while the players met up later in a restaurant in EUR to banquet and toast a job well done.

Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Fioravanti

Manager: Lorenzo

Who played for Reggiana

Boranga, Manera, Bertini, Giorgi, Grevi, Picella, Fanello, Ragonesi, Toffanin (60' Vignando), Pienti, Passalacqua

Substitutes: Bastiani

Manager: Bizzotto

Referee: Francescon

Goals: 43' Massa, Pienti


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