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Di Matteo turns on the light

Season 1993-94

Game 19, Serie A

Sunday, January 16, 1994

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Lazio Reggiana 2-0

Di Matteo turns on the light

After the disappointing game at Foggia the previous Sunday, where Lazio lost 4-1, the Biancocelesti play a much better match and beat Reggiana.

Without Beppe Signori, out due to injury, manager Dino Zoff needed to rely on Alen Boksic and Pierluigi Casiraghi up front and Paul Gascoigne to invent something decisive.

After an early chance for Eugenio Sgarbossa, who played for Lazio very briefly in 1986, saved by Luca Marchegiani, Reggiana left the initiative to Lazio who only occasionally turned on the light, mainly with Gascoigne . In the 3rd minute he dribbled most of the Reggiana team but arrived tired in front of goal and Claudio Taffarel saved.

In the 14th minute Michele Padovano crossed the ball from the right, Christian Lantignotti was able to get the ball from Roberto Bacci but his shot was wide.

The crowd started getting impatient with Lazio, completely incapable of producing anything dangerous. But Roberto Di Matteo was playing for Lazio. He was one of the few to try anything, particularly shots from outside the penalty box. His first three attempts were not on target, but the kid had a hard head and scored with his fourth. Gazza passed him the ball inside the Lazio half, Di Matteo surged forward and thirty meters from goal gave the ball a whack. Taffarel tried to save it but was deceived by an irregular bounce. 1-0 for Lazio.

In the second half, Gascoigne slalomed through the Reggiana defence again but his shot was wide. In the 50th minute, Boksic went off alone and was brought down in the penalty box. Penalty. Roberto Cravero took the spot kick and Lazio doubled their score.

Reggiana were no longer in the game, so Lazio started to collect a series of chances with Boksic: a header was saved on the line by Esposito and Taffarel saved another two attempts. Casiraghi also became busy but hit the woodwork in the 74th minute and missed an easy header nine minutes later.

A breath of fresh air for the Biancocelesti who, however, did need to solve their problems. Fortunately Signori would be back soon.

Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Orsi, Negro, Sclosa, Di Mauro

Manager: Zoff

Who played for Reggiana

Taffarel, Parlato, Zanutta, Accardi, Sgarbossa, De Agostini, M. Esposito (71' Pietranera), Scienza, Padovano, Mateut (17' Picasso), Lantignotti.

Substitutes: Costagli, Torrisi, Cherubini.

Manager: Marchioro.

Referee: Brignoccoli

Goals: 45’ Di Matteo, 50’ Cravero (pen)



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