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Lazio win easily

Updated: Jul 6

Game 7, National Championship, Lazio Group, Replay

Sunday, March 14, 2020

Campo della Rondinella, Rome

Lazio US Romana 3-0

Unstoppable Raffo and Consiglio close the game in the first half

The game against US Romana was the last match of the season, a replay of the game that should have been played on February 15 1920. The postponement was due to the fact that the referee had not turned up!!!!

This match had become more of a friendly due to the fact that all the placements for the Campionato Nazionale Lazio Group had been decided.

In the beginning it was Romana that attacked more and put pressure on the Lazio defence. But the Biancocelesti reorganised themselves and started gaining control. The attacking duo Mario RaffoMarcello Consiglio were unstoppable and put their opponents in great difficulty. Lazio scored in the 23rd minute thanks to a Raffo incursion and a splendid touch that beat the Romana goalkeeper. Sixteen minutes later Raffo scored again and two minutes before the end of the first half Consiglio made it three after a wonderful one-two with Giuseppe Fioranti.

Romana in the second half tried to reopen the game, but Lazio’s defence held off all of the attacks and despite a few scares brought the result home.

Who played for Lazio

Bernardini, Saraceni I, Bona, Orazi, Fioranti, Baldacci, Varini, Maranghi, Consiglio, Raffo, Setti

Manager: Guido Baccani

Who played for U.S. Romana

There is no news on the XI that played this game.

Goals: 23’ Raffo, 39’ Raffo, 43’ Consiglio



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