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Great match

Updated: Apr 30

Game 24, Serie B

Sunday, March 16, 1969

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Lazio Ternana 3-1

An excellent Lazio beat Ternana with goals from Fortunato, Morrone and Mazzola.

Source Lazio Wiki

Possibly galvanised by the fact that manager Juan Carlos Lorenzo had just obtained Italian nationality and that soon he would not only be entitled to lead the team from the bench but had also just signed a new contract for next season with an option for the following one too, the Lazio players put on an exceptional performance.

In the 8th minute after having already been dangerous, the Biancocelesti took the lead. Marvellous solo play from Giancarlo Morrone, his cracking shot was not held by the Ternana keeper and Giuliano Fortunato had a simple tap-in for 1-0. Carlo Soldo shortly after hit the top part of the crossbar and on the half hour Ferruccio Mazzola’s shot was well saved by Primo Germano. In the 35th minute, former Lazio player Orlando Rozzoni had a chance but his header only threatened. Ternana seemed to be getting the upper hand in this part of the game but a minute from half time Paolo Pandrin hit Mazzola and was sent off.

In the 50th minute Morrone, so far man of the match, after an assist from Giuseppe Massa, beat Germano with a powerful shot doubling Lazio’s lead. The Biancocelesti did not stop pushing and Fortunato had another chance shortly after but his shot went just wide.

In the 77th minute the referee gave Ternana a penalty. Diego Zanetti unfairly held back Antonio Cardillo and Giovanni Meregalli scored the spot kick. The Rossoverdi pushed for an equaliser but Lazio in the 85th minute made it three. Mazzola received the ball from Fortunato, went past two defenders and from the edge of the box had a go. Germano could not do anything to save the powerful shot.

An excellent performance from Lazio who played really well.

Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Leardi

DT: Lorenzo

Manager: Lovati

Who played for Ternana

Germano, Pandrin, Bonassin, Corelli, Nicolini, Marinai, Cardillo, Casisa, Rozzoni, F.Liguori, Meregalli.

Substitutes: Lugarà, Imperi.

Manager: Viciani.

Referee: Possagno

Goals: 8’ Fortunato, 50’ Morrone, 77’ Meregalli (pen), 85’ Mazzola


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