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Lazio dominate a not so Great Torino

Updated: Apr 1

Game 8, Serie A

Sunday, November 16, 1958

Rome, Stadio Olimpico

Lazio Torino 2-0

Lazio take advantage of Torino's negative approach to beat former greats.

Source Lazio Wiki

Played on a warm, sunny day in front of a 30,000 crowd, the game was largely dominated by Lazio. The Biancocelesti soon took control of the midfield against a Granata opposition fielding a dubious defensive formation.

Lazio attacked for the best of the first half but it wasn't until the 55th minute that they got the breakthrough goal. A free kick from just outside the box by Franco Carradori took a slight deflection off Gianfranco Grazer and beat goalkeeper Lido Vieri.

At this point Torino finally threw some caution to the wind and pushed forward for an equaliser, favoured by Lazio forward Egidio Fumagalli having to move to a wing position due to injury.

Lazio did however have chances to double their lead especially with Humberto Tozzi, who then did actually finally close the match in the dying seconds. He went round the keeper not once but twice before slotting the ball into the back of the net.

It was by no means a classic but all in all a well-deserved victory for Lazio perhaps facilitated by Torino's defensive tactics.

Who played for Lazio

Manager: Bernardini

Who Played for Torino

Vieri, Tarabbia, Cancian, Bearzot, Ganzer, Bonifaci, Farina, Armano, Virgili, Marchi, Mazzero

Manager: Allasio

Referee: Lo Bello

Goals: 55' Carradori, 90' Tozzi



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