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Brilliant Blason helps Lazio conquer Naples

Game 29, Serie A

Sunday May 3, 1936

Stadio Partenopeo, Naples

Napoli Lazio 1-2

Two first half goals and rock solid defence give Lazio satisfaction under the Vesuvius.

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This season Lazio were in mid-table. So far Lazio had won 9 (including Napoli 3-1), drawn 8 and lost 11, so on 26 points. They had however not won a match since March 8. The previous week they had lost 2-0 at Alessandria. Silvio Piola was still firing away and had 19 league goals but he was missing today.

The match

Played on an uncomfortably humid afternoon, in front of 12,000 spectators, this game was about jostling for a better finish in the table. The teams were both on 26 points with only one more game after today to go.

Both sides started off cautiously although there were some chances. In the 3rd minute Giovanni Venditto headed into the centre for Giovanni Busoni but Lazio defender Alfredo Monza got in a good tackle for a corner. Lazio keeper Giacomo Blason immediately showed his good form, saving from Enrico Rivolta and Carlo Buscaglia. For Lazio, Bruno Camolese had a weak effort saved by Vittorio Mosele. Despite Blason being more busy, Lazio gave the impression of being the better organized team.

In the 16th minute the Roman visitors took the lead. A Giuseppe Fenoglio handball gave Lazio a free kick about 5/6 metres outside the area. Anfilogino Guarisi (also known as Filó) took it quickly, finding Camolese who beat Mosele. Napoli 0 Lazio 1.

The game then became more lively and Napoli attacked constantly. The Lazio defence however was cool under pressure and was never caught off guard. Napoli had two Rivolta freekicks saved by Blason, who also blocked a Venditto header.

In the 29th minute the hosts with Busoni finally had a one-on-one with the keeper but he stumbled and lost control of the ball, unfortunately Napoli's defence had followed the move, were unbalanced and got caught on the break. Attilio Ferraris found Francesco Gabriotti who teed up Walter D'Odorico who doubled Lazio's lead. Napoli 0 Lazio 2.

The last part of the first half saw Lazio easily control a confused and disorderly home side.

Napoli came out for the second half with more fighting spirit and clearer ideas. They attacked from the word go and Lazio pulled back leaving only three players up front with all the others defending the fort. It became an exercise of attack against defence with rare Lazio forays into Napoli's half.

Napoli were dangerous with Attila Sallustro, Venditto and Enrico Colombari. In the 65th minute the "Napoletani" were rewarded for their efforts when Sallustri cut the deficit. Colombari headed to Busoni who then again headed to the striker who's shot beat Blason in a crowded area. Napoli 1 Lazio 2.

Lazio now pulled Gabriotti back in defence too. Constant pressure by the "Campani" produced shots by Sallustro and Rossetti but Blason was safe. Carlo Buscaglia saw an effort go wide and Venditto hit the outside of the post but Lazio defended excellently in a harmonious block putting on a great team effort. Final score Napoli 1 Lazio 2.

Lazio had played more as a team with every player working hard and sacrificing himself for the cause. The backline had been solid and Blason exceptional. Napoli had attacked more but lacked organisation and final lucidity.

Who played for Napoli

Mosele, Fenoglio, Castello, Colombari, Buscaglia C, Rivolta, Sallustro I, Tricoli, Busoni, Rossetti, Venditto

Manager: Csapkay

Who played for Lazio

Manager: Violak

Referee: Bertolio

Goals: 16' Camolese, 29' D'Odorico, 64' Sallustro (I)



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