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November 21, 1948: Lazio Bologna 8-2

Sunny but raining goals

Lazio stun Bologna with an unexpected thrashing

Source Wikipedia

The season so far

The previous season had finished 10th, first under Austrian Tony Cargnelli and then, from February 15, Orlando Tognotti. Lazio's best result had been beating Roma 2-0 in the return derby.


This season Tognotti had stayed on but had been sacked just a week earlier and replaced by Mario Sperone. The squad had seen some changes too over the summer. The main new arrivals were keeper Marco Brandolin (SPAL), defender Serafino Montanari (SPAL), midfielder Paolo Todeschini (Atalanta) plus forwards Ferenc Nyers II (Strasbourg) and Norberto Höfling (MTK Budapest). 


Leaving Lazio were: defender Alessio Ferri (in a rare deal to Roma), midfielders Cesare Brunetti (Rimini), Flavio Cecconi (Atalanta- he would be back in '49-50) and Luciano Ramella (Como) plus forwards Orlando Fantoni IV, the last of the dynasty (Cruzeiro) and Umberto Lombardini (Tivoli).


So far, in Serie A Lazio had played ten matches and were struggling on 4 points. The Biancocelesti were winless, having lost 6 and drawn 4 (including derby 1-1, with Magrini 83rd minute equaliser). The change of manager was hoped to improve a worrying situation.


Bologna had finished 9th the previous season, under Hungarian Gyula Lelovics. The Rossoblu had defeated Juventus and Roma away and Inter and Milan at home (but lost and drawn with Lazio).


This season the manager was former Lazio manager Tony Cargnelli, sacked only nine months earlier and no doubt looking for revenge. The Felsinei's main new signings were; midfielders Gianmarco Mezzadri (Lucchese) and Corrado Bernicchi (Pistoiese- back from loan) plus forwards Mario Tacconi (Pavia).


The main losses for the Emiliani were: midfielder Aurelio Marchese (SPAL), plus forwards Bruno Arcari (Reggiana) and Amedeo Biavati (Reggina).


So far, after ten matches Bologna had 10 points, thanks to 2 wins, 6 draws and 2 defeats. They were however unbeaten in the last 7 matches.


A difficult game for Lazio but a change of manager could sometimes do wonders, at least initially.


The match: Sunday, November 21, 1948, Stadio Nazionale, Rome

A perfect day for football in Rome, sunny and mild with a crowd of about 20,000.


Lazio had no injury worries while Bologna were without striker Istaván Mike Mayer. 


Lazio started aggressively and took the lead after seven minutes. A brilliant solo goal by Aldo Puccinelli as he went down the right wing and cut in towards the centre, dribbling past several defenders, before beating Glauco Vanz with a precise, angled shot. Lazio 1 Bologna 0.


Bologna stirred and in the 23rd minute the visitors equalised. It was Mario Gritti who sent a cracking long range shot into the top hand corner. Lazio 1 Bologna 1.


Lazio took back the lead in the 36th minute. A terrible back pass to the keeper by Guglielmo Giovannini was intercepted by Ferenc Nyers II who had no problem finding the net. Lazio 2 Bologna 1.


Three minutes later Lazio scored again. Puccinelli found himself completely unmarked in front of goal without a defender in sight and it was child's play for him to score his brace. Lazio 3 Bologna 1.


Lazio cruising at halftime taking advantage of the Rossoblu's disastrous defence. In the break there were some angry exchanges heard coming from the visitors' changing rooms.


In the second half however, the confrontations had not seemed to have resolved Bologna's confusion.


In the 57th minute Romano Penzo scored from the spot kick after a clear penalty was awarded. Lazio 4 Bologna 1.


In the 68th minute Salvatore Gualtieri heaped more misery on the Felsinei as he curled a freekick around the wall. Lazio 5 Bologna 1.


Two minutes later another blatant penalty was given to the Biancocelesti and this time Mario Magrini was on target. Lazio 6 Bologna 1.


At this point the goals were pouring in. In the 62nd minute a weak Magrini shot was possibly deflected into his own net by Vanz (in fact some sources have it down as an own goal). Lazio 7 Bologna 1.


Three minutes later Vanz was again picking the ball out of his net after Penzo had got his double with a powerful shot. Lazio 8 Bologna 1.


Lazio then eased off and in the 87th minute Bologna salvaged a tiny bit of pride scoring the last goal of the match with a solo effort by Corrado Bernicchi. Final score Lazio 8 Bologna 2.


A totally unpredictable score line and an epic win for Lazio. The Biancocelesti had scored more goals today than they had all season so far. There was the sensation it was a one off and Lazio had caught Bologna on a particularly bad day defensively but that made it no less enjoyable, possibly more.


For the records Lazio would have to wait another 47 years for their next 8-2 home victory, in 1995 against Fiorentina, with Zdenek Zeman as Lazio manager.


Who played for Lazio 

Manager: Sperone


Who played for Bologna 

Vanz, Giovannini, Ballacci, Cingolani, B.Sárosi, Mezzadri, Cervellati, Zacconi, Cappello, Gritti, Bernicchi


Referee: Silvano

Goals: 7' Puccinelli, 23' Gritti, 36' Nyers II, 39' Puccinelli, 57' Penzo I (pen), 67' Gualtieri, 70' Magrini (pen), 72' Magrini, 75' Penzo I, 87' Bernicchi

What happened next 

Today's game was a flash in the pan for Lazio as they then finished 13th, one place above Roma at least. The Biancocelesti did not win a game for another month, albeit 5-1 against Modena. They did improve from January onwards and ended up winning 11, drawing 12 (including derby 0-0) and losing 15. Top scorer was Romano Penzo with 12 league goals. 


Bologna must just have had a bad day as they finished joint 5th, with Sampdoria. The Rossoblu won 12 (including Juventus 3-0, Milan 3-1 and Lazio 2-0 all at home), drew 17 and lost 9. Top scorer was Hungarian Istaván Mike Mayer with 21 league goals. 


The Serie A was won by Torino for their 6th Scudetto (5th consecutive). The Granata had not won the title yet when on May 3 the tragic Superga air crash killed 18 players and staff. They were however four points ahead with four games to go. The remaining matches were played by Toro's youth team against clubs who out of respect played their youth teams too and Torino won all four.


At the bottom Livorno and Modena slipped down to Serie B.

Lazio 1948-49






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Let's talk about Paolo Todeschini

Source Wikipedia

Paolo Todeschini was born in Milan, on September 22 1920.


He came out of the Milan youth sector where he spent his formative years. He made his debut for the first team at 19 in 1939. He then stayed four seasons with the Rossoneri.


In his first, under József Bánás, he played 7 league games and Milan finished 8th. 


In his second, under Guido Ara he played 21 league games with 2 goals (Bologna, Torino) and 2 games in Coppa Italia and Milan finished 3rd. 


In his third, under Mario Magnozzi, he played 27 league games with 2 goals (Fiorentina, Triestina) and 5 in Coppa Italia with 1 goal (Reggiana). Milan finished 10th and were runners-up in Coppa Italia (Juventus 2-5 on aggregate).


In his fourth and last year, under Magnozzi again, he played 24 league games and 3 in Coppa Italia and Milan finished 6th.


Then came the war which interrupted official tournaments, but Todeschini played some unofficial games with Foggia.


In 1945-46 after the war, he joined Bologna. The managers were first Alexander Popovic (1-13) and then the duo and Bologna legends Angelo Schiavio and Pietro Genovesi.  The Felsinei finished 6th in the Serie A Alta Italia and Todeschini played 23 games with 2 goals (Sampierdarenese, Milan). Bologna won the Alta Italia Cup beating Novara 6-2 on aggregate. 


In 1946 Todeschini joined Atalanta where he stayed two seasons. In the first, under Luisito Monti until November and then Ivo Fiorentini, the "Dea" (The Goddess) finished 9th (two draws with Lazio) and he played 26 league games. In his second season, under Fiorentini, the Nerazzurri finished 5th (5-0 and 0-0 against Lazio) and he played 30 league games.


In 1948 Todeschini moved to the capital and joined Lazio. It was an average season for the Biancocelesti who finished 13th. The managers were first Orlando Tognotti and then, after ten matches, Mario Sperone. Todeschini played 15 league games and Lazio's best results were beating Bologna 8-2, Modena 5-1 and Genoa 5-1 while both derbies ended up draws.


After only one year Todeschini left Rome and went south to Naples in Serie B. He stayed three seasons with the Partenopei, from 1949-52.


In the first, under Eraldo Monzeglio the Azzurri won the league and were promoted. Todeschini played 41 league games (out of 42) with 9 goals.


In the second, back in A under Monzeglio, Napoli finished a positive 6th (lost one and drew one vs Lazio). Todeschini played 35 league games with 2 goals. He played alongside former Lazio defender Leandro Remondini.


In his third and last year Napoli did one better and finished 5th (won one and lost one against Lazio). Todeschini played 18 league games and scored 3 goals. One of his teammates were former Lazio Flavio Cecconi and Dionisio Arce.


In 1953 he moved back to the Milan area and joined Monza in Serie B. The Brianzoli finished 7th under three different managers: Annibale Frossi (1-10), Emilio Zafferri (11-12) and Fioravante Baldi (13-34). Todeschini played 11 league games with 1 goal. His teammates included legendary Lazio keeper Bob Lovati.


Todeschini then played one final year with Mantova in Serie D as player/manager in 1954-55. The Biancorossi finished 3rd in their group and Todeschini played 24 league games with 7 goals.


He then retired in 1955 but became Modena manager in Serie B but was sacked during the season.


In 1956-57 he was in charge at Salernitana in Serie C. The Granata finished 3rd.


Between 1957-59 he was at Pro Vercelli in Serie C. The "Leoni" finished 5th and 7th.


In 1959-60 he was with Vigevano in Serie C but the Biancocelesti were relegated.


He then had a spell with the Italian Olympic team with Nereo Rocco before returning to Milan in the 1960-61 season and the Rossoneri finished 2nd.


In 1961-62 he came back to Rome as Lazio manager in Serie B. He lasted 21 games before being replaced by former teammate Bob Lovati. Lazio narrowly missed out on promotion finishing 4th (not helped by Seghedoni's goal against Napoli being disallowed for allegedly going in through a hole in the net).


Between 1962-64 he was with Cosenza in Serie B. The "Lupi della Sila" (The Sila Wolves) came 14th. The following year he was replaced during the season and the Rossoblu were relegated.


Between 1964-66 he was in charge at Pro Patria in Serie B and finished 9th. The following year he was replaced during the season and the Bustocchi were relegated.


In 1966 he had a brief spell with Virtus Entella (Chiavari) in Serie C but the Biancocelesti were relegated.


In 1967-68 he was manager of Italy's Olympic team. He won the Mediterranean Games but failed to qualify for Mexico '68.


In 1968 he returned to club football and joined Messina in Serie C. The Giallorossi finished 9th.


Between 1970 and 1972 he returned to Entella in Serie C but the Black Devils were relegated in '72, after an 11th place in '71.


In 1972-73 he was manager of Sorrento in Serie C. The “Costieri" finished 12th.


His last job as a manager was with the Italy women's national team in 1981-82.


After retiring Todeschini made a name for himself as a well-known and respected sculptor. He had a degree in Architecture, at 40 he graduated from the "Belle Arti" (Fine Arts) in Milan. He sculpted several works based on sports themes, including the bust of Giuseppe Meazza at San Siro and the statue of Fausto Coppi at the Ghisallo (sanctuary in hills above Como), plus numerous others exhibited in various art galleries.


Todeschini was a great club player. He was a midfielder and a strong one at 1.83 and 75 kilos. He played 224 games in Serie A with Milan, Napoli and Lazio. At Milan he went close to winning a Scudetto with a 2nd place finish. At Napoli he won a promotion to Serie A.


At Lazio he was unlucky as he suffered from tachycardia, a problem which was only resolved when he went to Naples (it was a tonsil problem and he was operated). In Rome he was unable to play regularly but, in the 15 league games he did, he always put in good performances.

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