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Gazza gem and controversial late goal give Lazio win

Updated: Apr 4

Game 12, Serie A

Sunday, December 6, 1992

Stadio Adriatico, Pescara

Pescara Lazio 2-3

A superb solo goal by Gascoigne, Signori and a late Luzardi header bring Lazio hard fought win in Pescara

Ticket owned by Dag Jenkins. Photo by Dag Jenkins

A cold, windy, militarized Pescara welcomed Lazio on the Adriatic coast. A crowd of about 15,000 were present at the nicely located stadium, near the sea and surrounded by pine trees. The travelling Lazio fans were purposely delayed by the police for security reasons and missed the kick-off (I was there independently and wisely avoided the away sector). Lazio played in their yellow away shirts as Pescara have similar colours.


The game started with Pescara more positive but without ever really threatening Valerio Fiori. A few corners, scrambles and a Dunga shot over the bar for the home side while Lazio had a Beppe Signori low left-footed effort saved into corner by Fabio Marchioro. 


In the 15th minute Lazio were forced to make a substitution as Mauro Bonomi hobbled off injured, replaced by Gigi Corino.


In the 23rd minute the game was illuminated by Paul Gascoigne's masterpiece. The Englishman got the ball about 35 metres out and brilliantly dribbled straight through the Pescara defence, he jumped four defenders in a space of ten metres, ran into the box and beat the keeper with a low left-footed strike. An incredible goal which even some of the home supporters applauded (and there's no love lost between Pescara and Lazio to put it mildly). Pescara 0 Lazio 1.


The home side went flat and Lazio could have doubled their lead before the break. Signori had two chances, first a left foot whistled past the post and then a right foot was parried by Marchioro. Halftime Pescara 0 Lazio 1. So far "Gazza show" was making the difference.


In the second half the "Delfini" equalised almost immediately. In the 48th minute, from a low cross from the right, Borgnovo stretched and anticipated Luca Luzardi with a flicked shot into the far post corner. Pescara 1 Lazio 1.


The game then became more balanced again with Pescara with more possession and Lazio waiting to strike on the break.


In the 62nd minute came Pescara's first replacement as Giuseppe Compagno came on for Blaz Sliskovic.


A minute later there was an ugly and unfortunate episode when a linesman collapsed in shock when a cherry bomb, thrown by the home fans, exploded near him. Despite being in a confused state for a few minutes, he was then able to continue.


In the 72nd minute another quality goal put Lazio ahead. This time by Signori who lobbed a defender in the area and hammered a low left-footed volley into the net. Great goal and Pescara 1 Lazio 2.


The lead however only lasted one minute. In the 73rd minute Dunga tried his luck from the long range, Fiori was uncertain with the save and Allegri slotted in the rebound. Pescara 2 Lazio 2.


The game then went a bit quiet, both sides seemingly settling for a draw. More substitutions followed: Ottavio Palladini for Stefano Ferretti in the 77th minute for Pescara and Giovanni Stroppa for Gascoigne in the 82nd.


Night descended early on Pescara on this bitter winter night and the floodlights were turned on. This and the linesman's resentment over the previous episode could partly account for what happened in the last minute of the game.


On a corner, from the right by Stroppa, Luzardi headed the ball towards goal in a crowded area, the ball hit the crossbar and bounced very near the goal line, on the line, over the line? On the rebound Cristiano Bergodi saw his touch trickle just wide of the post. The linesman however, followed by the referee, indicated the centre circle meaning it was a goal. Pescara 2 Lazio 3. Was it in? We will never know, not even the TV coverage later could make it out. Obviously, there were furious protests by the Pescaresi but that was the final score, Pescara 2 Lazio 3.


An important win for Lazio, deserved if only for the quality of their first two goals, master class by Signori but especially Gazza.


Gascoigne has since insinuated he played in an intoxicated state that day. My presence in Pescara also had an alcoholic connection. On a beery late Saturday night out in Trastevere, a Laziale friend and I suddenly decided to drive across the mountains to Abruzzo the following morning. We did and it was well worth it. The fact that we convinced two Roma sympathizing friends to come too does not reflect well on their inebriated state either...


Who played for Pescara 

Marchioro, Dicara, Nobile, Zironelli, Dunga, Righetti, Ferretti (77' Palladini), Allegri, Borgonovo, Sliskovic (62' Compagno), Massara

Substitutes: Savorani, Alfieri, Bivi

Manager: Galeone


Who played for Lazio 

Substitutes: Orsi, Sclosa, Neri

Manager: Zoff


Referee: Amendolia

Goals: 23' Gascoigne, 48' Borgonovo, 72' Signori, 73' Allegri, 90' Luzardi



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