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Two posts but fair result

Season 1993-94

Game 2, Serie A

Sunday, September 5, 1993

Stadio Mirabello, Reggio Emilia

Reggiana Lazio 0-0

A goalless draw despite Lazio hitting the woodwork twice but Reggiana deserved the point

This was another evening game due to the dictates of television, slowly but surely taking over football. It was played in humid conditions in front of about 15,000 spectators.

Lazio were still without Paul Gascoigne and Beppe Signori but otherwise had their best line-up as did Reggiana.

The home side obviously planned to base their game on pace, rhythm and intensity to contrast Lazio's superior quality. The Granata started vigorously but the first chance was for the Biancocelesti. A move started by Roberto Di Matteo was continued by Thomas Doll who won a challenge and put Aron Winter through on goal but the Dutchman hit the post with a powerful strike, when he maybe should have placed it.

Reggiana gained force after the scare and attacked energetically. They had various chances, first Luca Marchegiani tipped a Giuseppe Scienza effort over the bar and then Swede Johnny Ekstroem slipped when he had only the keeper to beat.

Lazio were on the backfoot but had an opportunity with Pierluigi Casiraghi who headed weakly despite having time and space to stop the ball. Then it was Reggiana again who had another chance with Ekstoem one -on -one with Marchegiani but the Swede had his shot saved and on the rebound Dario Morello was challenged by Beppe Favalli and shot wide. Lazio's defence looked far from impenetrable but halftime came without conceding. Reggiana 0 Lazio 0.

Reggiana had been on top looking sharper and more dynamic while Lazio were obviously superior but not a finished product yet and still working on proper synchronization and positioning.

There were no changes at halftime and the second half followed pretty much the same pattern as the first. If anything Lazio pulled back even more as an away point was still reasonably acceptable in those days before the three point per victory rule came in 1994-95. .

Reggiana had chances especially with an excellent Eugenio Sgarbossa volley but Marchegiani was always ready to avoid the threats. In truth the majority of the Emiliani's efforts were imprecise, so a lot of pressure without excessive danger but the Lazio goalkeeper was always on his toes anyway.

After soaking up long periods of pressure it was in fact Lazio who almost stole it towards the end. On the break Favalli crossed for Casiraghi who rose and headed towards goal but hit the crossbar. Final score Reggiana 0 Lazio 0.

In the end a fair result considering the home side's long periods of domination and Lazio twice hitting the woodwork.

So Lazio had played two games without conceding or scoring. There was the feeling however that with the return of Gascoigne and Signori the goals would come while ironically the defence looked vulnerable despite the two clean sheets so far. Not sure Lazio were particularly popular with Pay-tv owners at the moment.

Who played for Reggiana

Sardini, Torrisi, Zanutta, Accardi, Sgarbossa, De Agostini, Morello, Scienza, Ekstroem, Picasso (75' Lantignotti), Padovano (75' M.Esposito)

Substitutes: Cesaretti, Parlato, Pacione

Manager: Marchioro

Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Orsi, Bergodi, Bacci, De Paola, Saurini

Manager: Zoff

Referee: Ceccarini



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