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Lazio survive wolves den but deserve more

Season 1930-31

Game 9, Serie A

Sunday, December 7, 1930

Campo Testaccio, Rome

Roma Lazio 1-1

Lazio were the better team but have to settle for draw as goal scoring machine Volk equalises for Roma.

Source Lazio Wiki

The season so far

Lazio had a promising start to the season and were on 14 points, only one behind today's rivals Roma. They were doing well but were clear underdogs visiting Testaccio.

The game was played on a cold, gloomy December afternoon in front of a record breaking capacity crowd of 25,000 spectators. For the first time in history the derby saw the presence of Government leader Benito Mussolini, “Il Duce”. He had played a major role in founding the recently formed A.S Roma (1927) as he wanted a single, strong, Roman team that could challenge the northern powerhouses. He had not however managed to get Lazio on board, who would remain a fiercely proud independent entity.

As mentioned, Roma were strong favourites lying second in the table but it was Lazio who had the upper hand from the start. A dominant midfield made up of Mario Malatesta, Marino Furlani and Alfredo Foni helped dictate the proceedings and as the game went on it was Lazio who had the better chances forcing several saves from keeper Guido Masetti. The Roma keeper probably had a point to prove as he had previously been rejected by the Biancocelesti.

The opening goal finally came after 34 minutes, rewarding Lazio's dominance. A high corner from Carlo Cevenini V was punched away by Masetti but only as far as Foni who volleyed it into the net from about 6 metres out.

Roma's reaction was tame even after falling behind and they never really threatened to equalise. They did however have prodigious goal scorer Volk in their line-up and with 15 minutes left he beat keeper Ezio Sclavi with a powerful free-kick.

The game ended up 1-1 and Lazio were left with the conviction they had been the better team. They had deserved the 2 points but came away from Testaccio with the consolation of having taken their first historic point from the wolves' Testaccio den.

Who played for Roma

Masetti, Ferraris IV, Bodini II, Degni, Bernardini, Bossi, Costantino, Fasanelli, Volk, Lombardo, Chini Luduena

Manager: Burgess.

Who played for Lazio

Sclavi, Tognotti, Mattei II, Pardini, Furlani, Caimmi, Ziroli, Foni, Pastore, Malatesta, Cevenini V

Manager: Molnar

Referee: Caironi

Goals: 34' Foni, 75 'Volk



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