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Derby: seventh consecutive draw

Season 1993-94

Game 9, Serie A

Sunday October 24, 1993

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Roma Lazio 1-1

For the seventh time in a row the derby ends in a draw.

Source Lazio Wiki

The last time either Lazio or Roma had won a derby was on March 18, 1990 when Roma beat Lazio at the Stadio Flaminio. Since then, six consecutive draws, mostly 1-1. Will there be a winner this time round?

If one just commented on the first half it would be difficult to determine if the teams even wanted to win at all. What they did want however was to physically hurt each other as much as possible. In the end there were seven yellow cards. A couple of players did try to do something to break the stalemate. Sinisa Mihajlovic tried a shot after a Lazio clearance but it went just wide. Roma did actually score in the 34th minute but Giovanni Piacentini’s cross for Abel Balbo was considered to have gone over the byline. A minute later Lazio's only chance of the first half came with a Fabrizio Di Mauro-Beppe Signori-Gigi Casiraghi play that allowed the Biancoceleste centre forward to shoot but Lorieri parried. After a Thomas Haessler free kick well saved by Luca Marchegiani, that was the end of the first half.

In the second half, after 15 minutes of boredom, Roma surprisingly scored. Corner for the Giallorossi, Haessler crossed towards the centre, Marchegiani cleared but was positioned a little too far forward, the ball arrived outside the box and Piacentini with an improbable volley put Roma ahead.

Lazio at this point woke up, took off a defender (Mauro Bonomi) and put in an extra midfield player (Dario Marcolin) and assaulted the Roma fort. In the 78th minute free kick for the Biancocelesti. Marcolin to Cristiano Bergodi who crossed, Casiraghi headed the ball back to the centre of the penalty box hoping there would be someone. There was. It was Di Mauro, former Roma player, who volleyed the ball under Marco Lanna’s legs for Lazio’s equaliser.

The teams then made sure nothing else happened. Seventh consecutive draw in a derby.

Who played for Roma

Lorieri, Garzya, Festa, Mihajlovic, Lanna, Carboni, Hassler (89' Rizzitelli), Piacentini, Balbo, Giannini, Bonacina.

Substitutes: Pazzagli, Comi, Berretta, Scarchilli.

Manager: Mazzone.

Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Orsi, Calabro, Sclosa, Saurini

Manager: Zoff

Referee: Pairetto

Goals: 60’ Piacentini, 78’ Di Mauro



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