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Lazio beat Roma, again

Updated: Feb 7

Wednesday, January 21, 1998

Coppa Italia, Quarter Final, Second Leg

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Roma Lazio 1-2

Lazio also won the second leg of the Coppa Italia quarter final derby with a goal from Gottardi in the dying minutes of the match.

Roma were determined to overturn the result and a foul after only three seconds showed just how intense this match was going to be. The Giallorossi were however incapable of translating their intensity into pressure and serious goal opportunities.

Lazio had many chances to score in the first half. A Pavel Nedved shot was well saved by Michael Konsel who also denied Roberto Mancini's two chances. Without the injured Alen Boksic it was up to the former Sampdoria captain to bear the weight of the Lazio attack.

In the dying seconds of the first half Lazio Lazio went ahead. Beppe Pancaro cleared a ball which was picked up on the right-hand side by Roberto Rambaudi. The Lazio winger was fouled by Filippo Dal Moro inside the penalty box. No doubt in anybody’s mind, penalty. Vladimir Jugovic whacked the ball centrally under the crossbar and Lazio were in the semis.

In the second half Lazio slowed down and Roma took advantage. In the 54th minute Vincent Candela went into the penalty box, ball to Francesco Totti who passed it back to the Frenchman. His shot was walled by the defence but Paul Sergio was in perfect position to equalise.

Roma had 35 minutes to attempt something but decided that it was more fun to repeatedly and dirtily foul Lazio players. The Biancocelesti had their chances with Mancini and especially Giorgio Venturin who got to the ball a fraction too late after a Rambaudi cross. After a chance for Damiano Tommasi anticipated by Luca Marchegiani, Alessandro Nesta harpooned a ball from Marco Delvecchio's feet, he tried to start a counter attack but was slowed down by Totti’s attempt to stop him come what may, and again by Del Vecchio before Luigi Di Biagio settled the matter with a final filthy foul that earned him a red card. It was the 72nd minute.

In the fourth minute of injury time, Paolo Negro cleared and the ball, deflected by another Roma player, reached Tommasi who, in an attempt to head the ball forward, actually passed it backwards to Guerino Gottardi. The Swiss had a chance to become a legend and he did not miss it. 2-1 for Lazio, game over.

Who played for Roma

Konsel, Candela, Aldair, Petruzzi (77' Servidei), Dal Moro, Tommasi, Di Biagio, Scapolo (77' Vagner), Paulo Sergio, Delvecchio, Totti.

Substitutes: Chimenti, Tetradze, Pivotto, Helguera, Gautieri.

Manager: Zeman

Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Ballotta, Grandoni, Lopez, Di Lello, Laurentini

Manager: Eriksson

Referee: Bolognino

Goals: 45’ Jugovic (pen), 54’ Paulo Sergio, 94’ Gottardi



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