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Game 6, National Championship, South Division, Interregional Semi-Final Group B

Sunday June 10, 1923

Campo Rondinella, Rome

Lazio Ideale Bari 6-0

By crushing Ideale Bari 6-0, Lazio reached the final of the Southern League

Source Lazio Wiki

Lazio had qualified for the South Division Interregional Semi-Final Group and were with Ideale Bari, Libertas Palermo and Internaples. So far, they had won every game. The table read Lazio 10 points, Ideale Bari 8, Libertas Palermo 1 (with a one-point docking), Internaples 0. The Biancocelesti needed just one point to qualify for the Southern League final.


The match


This game was a must win for Ideale Bari if they wanted to reach the final of the Southern League and the Apulians started well with a Geruzzi shot that went wide. Dante Filippi had a chance after a great assist from Fulvio Bernardini but the little forward wasted too much time and then shot too high.


Lazio’s first goal arrived in the 9th minute when Fernando Saraceni I headed the ball towards Pio Maneschi who with a powerful shot beat Sebastiani.


In the 20th minute Aldo Fraschetti crossed into the box and Bernardini volleyed the ball in. After an Augusto Parboni shot parried by Sebastiani, the Biancocelesti made it three. Fraschetti crossed, Bernardini headed the ball and hit the post, ball back in the penalty area to Maneschi, big whack, crossbar, Luigi Saraceni II tried for the third time and was lucky. Lazio 3 Ideale 0.


The Apulians continued to attack and had two opportunities towards the end of the first 45 minutes first with Cassano, who did not take advantage of a Ugo Dosio error, followed by a Maselli header parried by Ettore Agazzani on a Geruzzi cross. In the 43rd minute a foul on the goalkeeper by Maneschi saw a violent reaction from Giuseppe Ugenti. The referee sent them both off.


In the second half the Biancocelesti dominated. In the 47th minute Bernardini scored but the ref had stopped play awarding Lazio a penalty for a hand ball. Fuffo took the spot kick, and shot wide. In the 53rd minute there was a free kick for the Biancocelesti and this time Bernardini scored. In the 72nd minute a long ball into the box from Bernardini saw the Ideale Bari goalkeeper go for the catch, but he was anticipated by Filippi who had no problem in scoring Lazio’s fifth.


Ideale had a chance with Giovanni Solfrizzi on a free kick but Agazzani parried and later Geruzzi on another free kick hit the woodwork. In the 89th minute after a Bernardini slalom, Parboni tried a shot that went in under the crossbar.


Lazio dominated and deservedly reached the Southern League final.


Who played for Lazio


Manager: Baccani


Who played for Ideale Bari


Sebastiani, Turchiarulo, Cavaliere (II), Alboreto, Vacca, Piscopo, Cassano, Ugenti (IV), Maselli, Solfrizi, Geruzzi


Referee: Majani


Goals: 9’ Maneschi, 20’ Bernardini, 31 Saraceni II, 53’ Bernardini, 72’ Filippi, 89’ Parboni




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